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# master of suspense
Quiz: How well do you know Alfred Hitchcock films?
Today is the 40th anniversary of the great filmmaker’s death.
# Alfred Hitchcock
How Much Do You Know About the Work of Alfred Hitchcock?
Test your wits.
# Shower Scene
Check out this Fine Gael TD's 'Psycho' ice bucket challenge
Brendan Griffin clearly put a lot of thought into this one…
Hollywood legend Joan Fontaine dies at 96
Here’s one of the Hitchcock heroine’s finest moments.
# Call me al
Every Hitchcock film ever to play in Irish Film Institute
Well, every one of his 52 surviving films. Which is rather a lot.
# Best Ever
Hitchcock’s Vertigo trumps Citizen Kane in British list of top films
The 1958 suspense thriller about a retired police officer with a fear of heights topples Orson Welles’ classic in BFI’s list.
# Hitchcock Timelapse
VIDEO: Hitchcock's 'Rear Window' courtyard is brought to life
Full set of 1954 classic is condensed into three minute footage.