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15 excellently blunt Valentine's cards that will tell them how you REALLY feel

Say it with a card.

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TIME IS RUNNING out to get the perfect card, so here are some genius ideas for the suppressed romantic in you.

1. The perfect card for the one you’ve settled for

tumblr_mhbbppUi0y1qhp8pjo3_500 Source: Dozydozy

2. The one you can be yourself around

208-c-look-at-my-phone-card_grande Source: emilymcdowell

3. The one who will be rewarded adequately

il_570xN.708702926_t3x5 Source: RowHouse11

4. The one who is destined to end up with their cat

il_570xN.419007245_lc96 Source: pressedufour

5. The one you have so much in common with

large Source: Which

6. The one you lie with about how you met

il_570xN.719006262_ah7c Source: BettieConfetti

7. That person that isn’t the absolute worst

06_Pic069 Source: Strongmindbraveheart

8. The one you kinda stalk

42 Source: Lostateminor

9. The one who knows their true standing in your heart

U5926P42DT20140918105716_1 Source: SinaImg

10. The one you can’t stand to look at your sent messages to

il_570xN.713953402_99hh Source: NaughtyLittleCards

11. The one you’re not quite ready to commit to yet

il_570xN.545222849_k7eh Source: RowHouse1

12. The person who has to share your affection

i-like-you-and-naps-card-etsy-valentines-day-funny Source: BlogSpot

13. The one you’ll finally let over to your side

il_570xN.557916856_rfpk Source: RowHouse14

14. Basically, the one you should marry straight away

il_570xN.719628284_iaa8 Source: BottleCapGuru

15. And the one whose face you constantly stroke

il_570xN.638424256_dpul Source: craftboner

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