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Are You A Total Lightweight?

Can you handle your booze or are you a lightweight? Only one way to find out.

lightweight Source: Sam Howzit/Flickr

First of all, what's your drink of choice?

Vodka and splash
How many drinks before you call it quits?

The thought of going out out on a weeknight...
Doesn't faze you. Bring it!
Fills you with dread for the hangover that might greet you in the morning.
It's 1.30am. You are most likely to be...
Engaged in conversation with some pals.
Begging the DJ to play Sugababes.

Trying not to be sick while your friends try to hail a taxi for you.
Are you up for mixing drinks on a night out?
No, I stick to one drink and one drink only.
I might have pints and throw in a cocktail if I'm feeling adventurous.

I'll drink ANYTHING on a night out, YOLO.
What are your thoughts on 'pre-drinking'?
Can't do it for fear I'll be absolutely locked heading out ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
What's not to love?
If you start drinking at 5pm, what time are you likely to be in bed by?

What does the phrase "Going out for one" mean to you....?
Going out for one pint before heading home for dinner.
Going for two/three.

Have you ever been on a "rollover"?
No, that's scaldy behaviour.
Once or twice, maybe.

Of course! Sure, it's mad craic.
And finally, how good are you at dealing with hangovers?
I'm basically incapacitated for the day.
I don't like them, but I get through them.

Hangover? More like "rollover", wha'?
Answer all the questions to see your result!
You scored out of !
You're a complete lightweight
You're tucked up in bed before the party has even started. No shame in that. Embrace your lightweight-ness.
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You scored out of !
You're a heavyweight!
You can drink everyone else under the table and *still* manage to avoid hangovers. Hats off...
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You scored out of !
You're not a total lightweight...
You're neither a lightweight nor a heavyweight. Congratulations!
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