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Are you taking the...? World's first pee-controlled game launched

Coming to a urinal near you…

Image: via Reuters Video/YouTube

LADS, YOU KNOW how it is, you’re taking care of business but what if you could be more productive with that time? Well now new technology will allow you to get gaming while you pee.

Captive Media has launched the latest innovation in hands-free gaming, a video game controlled by a man’s stream of urine.

As TechDay explains the system involves a HD screen at eye level which activates once a user approaches the urinal. Then the player controls the action on-screen by directing the flow left or right.

Integrated infra-red sensors control the game depending on where the urine lands.

Check out this video from Reuters which gives a bit more detail on what games users can play:

The game has been trialled at a bar in Cambridge in the UK for the past four months and is now being rolled out in other bars across Britain.

No news yet on when we can expect to see it in Ireland but it would sure prove popular when it does arrive on our shores.

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