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9 things people wrongly associate with Ireland

Alert the world.

WE, AS A nation, need to set the record straight for the world on a couple of key points.

Namely, that we have nothing to do with the following things:

1. Lucky Charms cereal

luckycharms Source: generalmillscf

The most famously Irish cereal sold in America is, of course, not Irish at all.

How do you know? The deranged leprechaun on the front of the box means it would never be sold here.

2. Green beer

The staple of St Patrick’s Days around the world is not the standard bearer for brews in pubs across the land. That would be wrong on aesthetic and practical levels.

3. That anyone here says “top of the morning to ya”

This is not a common greeting here in Ireland. We couldn’t deal with that level of stereotypical Irish so early in the morning.

4. Shamrock Shakes

Source: McDonald's

These have popped up in Irish McDonald’s over Paddy’s Day, but they most certainly started in the US and that’s where their true home lies.

5. The ‘Irish goodbye’

goodbye Source: urbandictionary

The act of sneaking out of the pub without saying a word to anyone is indeed a true Irish tradition.

But we just don’t call it the Irish goodbye. It’s just life.

6. The Irish car bomb


This simply must stop.

7. Britain

CAkJPxDWcAAuo45 Source: Mark L/Twitter

We know we’re close to them and all, but still. Nothing to do with us any more though.

8. And on that note, the Scottish accent

gif-braveheart-Favim.com-2750049 Source: Favim

A beautiful accent it is too. But it’s not Irish and we’re not the same country (but it’s not the worst association we could have).

9. The Irish Spring soap/deodorant sold in the US

51CEbS1BB7L._SY355_ Source: Images-amazon

Going by the TV ads, you can see why Ireland gets a rough time of it in the stereotype stakes.

Spread the word.

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