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Audi's new campaign challenges stereotypes of women drivers and people are loving it
Well played.

WE’VE ALL HEARD the jokes about women being bad at driving.

In fact, it’s getting fairly tiresome.

Audi Ireland has created a clever campaign to flip the stereotype on its head and challenge people’s perceptions of women drivers.

In a brief clip, the car brand notes how women drivers are the butt of countless internet jokes and the subject of even more memes.

Audi Ireland / YouTube

As part of their latest campaign, Audi Ireland will use the hashtag #womendrivers on tweets and trick people into thinking they’re clicking on a funny story about women drivers.

When people click on the link, however, they will be directed to stories about female drivers of innovation and employment, in an attempt to subvert people’s perceptions of women drivers.

The initiative, masterminded by Atomic, has attracted the notice of many on Twitter with many praising Audi for challenging the old cliché.

Although some fear that it may just reinforce existing negative stereotypes…

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