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# sweet sorrow
Bye from, and thanks for all the memories
From liveblogging the Rose of Tralee to pinning TDs to the wall on their love of Beyoncé, it’s been emotional.
# purl
Pixar deals with sexism in the workplace in this new short film
This is an issue that affects people across most industries.
# sci fi
Everything you need to know about the new Irish-produced Netflix series written by George R R Martin
Netflix’s new series Nightflyers was filmed in Limerick’s Troy studios.
# hair tent
Here's everything you need to know about the 'miracle' hair tent that claims to make blow-drying so much easier
I’ve seen it all now.
# beat the bore
6 things to do at home as the weather turns to shit this weekend
It’s gonna get grim out there.
# make it stop
The Maroon 5 ad is ruining the World Cup, please make it stop
Ireland will wear rainbow-coloured shirt numbers tonight to show support for LGBT rights
‘Not just a number, this is a statement.’
It's safe to say that drinks were on Brian O'Driscoll after yesterday's Grand Slam win
He won a handy €500 from a bet he put on for yesterday’s Grand Slam.
# grand slam saturday
Aer Lingus had a nice surprise for Irish rugby fans heading over for the big match
You’d hate to be an England fan heading home on this flight.
# michaela morley
Brian O'Driscoll took his little pal from Temple Street on the Late Late, and she was an absolute star
The cutest BFFS ever.
# Photoshop fail
'Everyone knows now... I have three legs': Celebrities laugh off major Vanity Fair photoshop blunder
Vanity Fair says it is making changes to its publication online.
# It's back
The Young Offenders TV series is being released in just over two weeks
It will air on RTÉ on 8 February.
# derry girls
1.7 million viewers tuned into Channel 4's new sitcom set during the Troubles last night
Derry Girls centres around a teenage girl named Erin, her group of friends, and her family.
# Skunk
Grime star Stormzy hits back at Daily Mail for saying his music 'glorifies' cannabis use
The newspaper claimed that grime music is ‘product placement’ for cannabis.
# 2018 in telly
14 new TV shows everyone will be talking about in 2018
Lots and lots to look forward to.
# nice job
The Rubberbandits are so famous in Limerick that An Post managed to deliver this letter to Blindboy
A Christmas miracle.
# Love Actually
Here's what happened when DailyEdge asked every TD in Ireland if they liked Love Actually
Leo Varadkar’s a fan, but are his colleagues? We found out.
# christmas past
7 lovely Irish Christmas videos worth checking out on the RTÉ Archives
There’s a video of an Irish child in 1967 asking Santa for bullets and a knife.
# the christmas busk
Hozier just joined Glen Hansard for a Christmas Eve singalong in Dublin
The event was held to raise money for the homeless.
# away in a phonebox
A photographer came across this tiny nativity in an old phonebox while passing through Roscommon
That’s one way of repurposing an old phonebox, we suppose.
# Under fire
Matt Damon says 'one thing' not being talked about is men who aren't sexual predators
The actor is facing criticism for his comments.
# Tayto
From now on, bags of Tayto will feature the flavour as Gaeilge
Mála brioscáin phrátaí faoi bhlas cáise agus oinniúin, más é do thoil é.
# Speaking out
'He threatened to kill me': Salma Hayek alleges years of harassment from 'monster' Harvey Weinstein
She said Weinstein told her “I will kill you. Don’t think I can’t.”
# Look Up
Saoirse Ronan was asked about that dodgy Aer Lingus sketch on the Late Late last night
“It was fun! It’s a comedy show.”
# Simply having
Here's every single movie that will be on RTÉ this Christmas
The complete list.
# Strategic Mug Unit
Leo Varadkar brings 'World's Best Taoiseach' mug to Brexit prep meeting
Which – technically – is an accurate statement.
# the crimes of grindelwald
JK Rowling has defended Johnny Depp's casting in the Fantastic Beast films
Fans are unhappy with Depp’s involvement due to the assault allegations made against him by his ex-wife Amber Heard.
# weinstein
Uma Thurman calls out Harvey Weinstein and his 'wicked conspirators'
“I’m glad it’s going slowly. You don’t deserve a bullet.”
# Facebook post
Actress Ellen Page has written a powerful essay on sexual harassment and how she was 'outed' on set
“He “outed” me with no regard for my well-being”
# The Breakdown
13 photos of the Leinster rugby team getting the shite scared out of them at the Nightmare Realm
Scarier than a Joe Schmidt video session.
# Drug Addiction
'An opponent taunted me about his overdose' - Dublin footballer Philly McMahon on his brother's death
“It’s OK to come out and say that I’m not embarrassed.”
# kerry represent
The adorable 'porgs' in the new Star Wars trailer are actually based on puffins found on Skellig Michael
They’re becoming internet sensations.
# perfectly cromulent
Eamon Ryan used a Simpsons reference in the Dáil yesterday
A noble Budget embiggens the smallest man.
# The Last Jedi
The Skelligs take centre stage in the trailer for the latest Star Wars film
At this rate, Skellig Michael should probably get its name somewhere on the billing.
# sound
Rory McIlroy absolutely made this young fan's life by handing him his golfball
Henry got more than he bargained for.
# Cardinal Sin
Pope John Paul II has been removed from Dublin's Wax Museum for repairs
“There’s no point in crying over a split pope.”
# an attempt was made
It took this UFC fighter a whole year to think of a comeback to Conor McGregor slagging him
Who is he though?
# hellboy
People can't get over this courtroom sketch of Wayne Rooney
That you, Wayne?
# Mr Blue Sky
The Gardaí just shared a sensational aerial shot of the All-Ireland final just before throw-in
What a scene.
# Dedication
People are getting behind this Mayo fan's plea for an All-Ireland ticket after she went all out for the cause
10 hours to get this very appropriate hairstyle.