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# sound

This year
# as gaelige
Brian Tyers' pitch-perfect TG4 commentary cuts through the language barrier
Although I cannot understand what is being said, he is nevertheless communicating something to me.
All time
# trade tensions
The US has proposed tariffs on a range of EU products - including Irish whiskey
The $4 billion tariffs are being proposed in retaliation to “EU subsidies on large civil aircraft,” according to a statement.
# sound
The Rock got back to Davina McCall after she massively fan-girled over him
Glasses of tequila all ’round.
# sound
Women attend football match for first time ever in Saudi Arabia
It was a historic day in the Middle Eastern country, as females were permitted to take in a Saudi Pro League game.
# sound
Star Wars director Rian Johnson heaped praise on Ireland as the best filming location in The Last Jedi
Hard luck, Croatia and Iceland.
# sound
Rory McIlroy absolutely made this young fan's life by handing him his golf ball
Henry got more than he bargained for.
# sound
Rory McIlroy absolutely made this young fan's life by handing him his golfball
Henry got more than he bargained for.
# sound
Michael Fassbender visited a children's hospital in Montreal and the photos are so sweet
Magneto, who?
# sound
Niall Horan delivered pizza to fans waiting overnight on the street for his LA show
“I hear there are people outside the palladium . Please stay safe out there tonight”
# potus
17 times Barack Obama was just seriously sound on Twitter
And unlikely to start World War III.
# soundness of the summer
Three Galway students have set up a free grass cutting service for people who need the help
And their efforts have gone viral.
# study hard
The lovely story of Emma Watson surprising a girl on Facetime just because her mam asked
# Taken
A bar in Dublin had a stolen item returned in the post by a sound customer full of regret
# Still Friends
Aer Lingus had a particularly sound exchange with Icelandair after leaving their country off a map
Iceland is missing.
# Inis Mór
Islanders get a Christmas reprieve as Inis Mór ferry resumes until new year
The service will remain until 4 January.
# Shenanigans
Students in a Ballina secondary school actually pulled off the mannequin challenge in class
With some help from their sound teachers.
# all there
A Wexford lad lost his wallet at Electric Picnic and a sound woman posted it back to him
With everything intact.
# Fresher
This girl's grandad started going to the same college as her and it's just lovely
Ah lads.
# in one ear
There's a way to listen to music when only one headphone works
A faulty headphone shouldn’t stop you from properly hearing music.
# I have diaria
This little girl wrote her dad a sound letter about a potentially bad smell in her room
“Do not worry I have a towel.”
# bye now
15 bits of graffiti that prove Irish people are sound out
# Act Of Kindness
This Galway barman had his wallet returned all the way from the Euros in France
With cash intact.
# sound
17 sounds that will make all 90s Irish kids weep with nostalgia
We’ve got em all.
# sound
Don Cheadle offered to babysit for this Dublin mam so she can see his new film
Might be some logistical problems, but sure.
# under my umbrella
This kid's act of kindness to a little boy getting soaked by rain was just lovely
Sound man.
# sound
This coffee-based act of kindness by a sound Dubliner is just lovely
Ahhh :’)
# sound man
Daniel O'Donnell has offered to make it up to THAT disappointed Late Late girl
She will finally get to see him live thanks to Daniel.
# sound man
Daniel O'Donnell has offered to make it up to THAT disappointed Late Late girl
She will finally get to see him live thanks to Daniel.
# sound
This Dublin restaurant spotted a bike thief and left behind this sound note for the owner
# christmas spirit
A little girl mistook a man in the supermarket for Santa and he played along
# like
Mark Zuckerberg is giving away $45 billion
That’s around €42 billion.
# sound man
Domhnall Gleeson's using his Star Wars force to help this Dublin hospice
# sound
11 heartwarming times Irish people were exceptionally kind to each other
Be good to each other.
# sound
These lads went down to an airport just so they could greet strangers coming off their flights
For the craic – and just to be nice.
# Godsend
Pizza delivery man given a tip of €1,600 by a church
He’s going to spend it on tyres and medicine.
# sound as a pound
Is this man Ireland's soundest taxi driver?
Take a bow, Brendan.
# the game starts here
French doubts could inspire Les Bleus, according to Wesley Fofana's cool new ad
Richie McCaw is also putting on his headphones to crush some Union Jack-emblazoned cars.
# life is a rollercoaster
This Cork man took his taxi driver to a theme park because he had never been before
And his Abu Dhabi adventure is going viral all over the world.
# random act of kindness
This man's wonderful act of kindness to an Irish woman will melt your heart
There are some lovely people out there.
# sound as a pound
10 times Ed Sheeran proved that he is the soundest person alive
Seriously, Ed. You’re making us look bad.