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# new year same you
New Years resolutions are a total scam - I’m not making any and you shouldn’t either
Why make January any worse than it has to be, tbh?
# christmas for one
This is what it was like spending Christmas alone in a beachside hut in Cambodia
There’s not a huge amount of tinsel, let’s just put it that way.
# dear fifi
Dating someone who is extremely online, macking on a shy person and climate change anxiety - it's Dear Fifi
It’s that time of week again.
# dear fifi
Dear Fifi: Am I bad at sex?
The mo’ Fifi, the mo’ problems. Or something. Look, it’s hard coming up with a new subhead every single week.
Open thread: What's the best bit of car advice you've ever been given?
Share your wisdom.
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QUIZ: How Much of a Car Expert Are You?
Vroom vroom – let’s find out.
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WIN: A weekend surf adventure for two - and a brand-new MINI Countryman for the drive
We’re giving you a free trip, surf lessons – and the lend of a new MINI Countryman to get there and back.
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8 of the world's most successful people share how to get ahead at work
And what you can learn from their experiences.
Open thread: What's the best adventure you ever had?
Road trip through the US? Taking the Orient Express? #AddStories and join the conversation.
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How to cope with 7 common illnesses
Mild bugs can often be dealt with at home.
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6 unmissable outdoor day trips to enjoy around Ireland
There’s so much to explore.
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7 surprising benefits of eating fish you may not know about
Nothing fishy about these benefits. (Sorry.)
# sponsored by CIS
6 handy services you might not realise you're entitled to
You might be surprised at how much help is at hand.
# sponsored by nci
6 facts about AI that will actually blow your mind
Artificial intelligence? Let’s just say robot butlers are closer than you think.
QUIZ: How Good Are Your People Skills, Really? 
Let’s find out.
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7 simple hacks for a healthier lifestyle
Little changes, big results.
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QUIZ: How Creative Are You?
Kanye? Picasso? You?
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QUIZ: How Awkward With Money Are You?
Let’s find out.
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Here's a perfect Christmas present idea for every person in your life
We’ve trawled the shops and found the pick of the bunch, so you can relax.
QUIZ: Can You Name The Christmas Film From Just One Still?
Get those specs on. We’re putting you to the test.
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The 6 most awkward little money moments in an Irish person’s life
Forgot your wallet, mate?
# sponsored by AIB
6 of the most festive places to grab brunch around Ireland
Brrrrrunch. Get it? Cos it’s winter.
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8 magical places to catch up with friends this Christmas
Step into Christmas.
QUIZ: Which underrated movie should you watch tonight?
We can tell you.
7 gifts that anyone who wears glasses will appreciate this Christmas
Should have read this list before Christmas shopping…
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QUIZ: What Car Type Best Suits Your Personality?
Beep beep. Buckle up and let’s find out.
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8 things that mean Christmas has begun in every Irish household
Holidays are comin’, holidays are comin’…
# sponsored by budweiser
Vote: What do you stock up on for Christmas?
Batten down the hatches. Santa is coming.
# sponsored by budweiser
Vote: Sprouts for Christmas dinner - yay or nay?
The issue that divides families across the nation.
# sponsored by budweiser
Vote: What’s the most important Christmas tradition in your family?
We all have one…
# sponsored by budweiser
Vote: Christmas lunch or Christmas dinner?
You can only be on one side of history.
# sponsored by budweiser
Vote: Is it OK to start the second layer of chocolates before finishing the first?
Or does that mean war?
# sponsored by budweiser
Vote: What’s the best Christmas movie ever?
Time to find out…
# sponsored by budweiser
Vote: Real Christmas tree or fake Christmas tree?
Everyone has their take. Once and for all – who is right?
5 nifty science experiments you can do at home with the kids
Weird science.
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7 ways your workplace can help homeless people this Christmas
It’s the season of giving. Why not get your workplace involved?
# sponsored by tullamore dew
How beer and whiskey became Irish specialities
And how the ‘boilermaker’ cocktail is having a bit of a moment.
# Sponsored By Science Week
Your ultimate guide to getting the best out of Science Week 2016
Channel your inner mad scientist and get learning.
# Change generation
QUIZ: Are You Ready To Move In With Your Other Half?
Bye bye flatmates, hello partner? Find out here.
# sponsored by sse airtricity
What are the Irish catchphrases for the next generation?
Take note.