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# Procrastinate
Bored? Here's 8 websites perfect for a rainy day
A collection of eight websites that will keep you entertained for hours. Go, procrastinate!
# Chin Wag
Celeb gossip and deaths get Irish people ‘googling’
The Irish show their love of all things juicy and sporty but the Eurovision gets a spot too (of course).
# Budget 2012
Govt to slash public spending, lower tax bands in December budget
The Government has revealed some of the hard-hitting measures it will take in the December Budget and it makes tough reading for some.
# Arrest
Man arrested in Bobby Moffett murder inquiry
Detectives investigating the murder of leading Northern Ireland loyalist Bobby Moffett arrested a man this morning.
# Takedown
Video: NATO takes down three Libyan TV satellite transmitters
Military group tries to limit impact of Muammar Gaddafi’s impassioned television broadcasts by bombing transmitters.
Default looms as US politicians fail to reach deal
Obama calls for common ground as Republicans and Democrats again fail to reach an 11th hour deal on the US debt ceiling.
# Foot in Mouth
Joe Biden specials: 8 of the American VP's major gaffes
Should we look forward to more Bidenisms on the VP’s Twitter account?
# Sex Scandal
7 sex scandals that shocked the political world
DSK may be cleared of all sexual misconduct charges in relation to a New York chambermaid – but these politicians had their career ended by sex scandals…
# @VP
Joe Biden joins Twitter...well, kind of
VP Joe Biden joins Twitter and tells the world he has nicknamed his wife “Dr. B”.
# crackdown
Syrian army moves into Hama after massive demonstrations
Day 112 of the Syrian Revolution and Assad’s crackdown on the anti-government movement continues as tanks move on the city of Hama.
# one man protest
Rogue protester disrupts trains by chaining himself to bridge
Man chains himself to Athlone bridge in one-man protest over cuts at Roscommon Hospital.
# Science Gone Mad
Owners beware: Landlords turn to dog poop DNA tests
Who let the dog out? Owners who don’t scoop will now pay.
# Oxegen
No humps for Fergie at Oxegen as band labels own song "rubbish"
Black Eyed Peas ditch “most annoying song of all time” from their Oxegen play list.
# Arrests
Man and woman arrested over Limerick tiger raid
Gardaí have arrested a man and woman in relation to last week’s armed robbery in Limerick.
# Dynasty
Whatever happened the Habsburgs...and three other fallen dynasties?
The story of the Habsburgs and other famous dynasties that are no more.
# Fourth of July
Fourth of July: Celebrations in Dublin, Limerick... and Moneygall
Fireworks and barbeques are traditional Fourth of July celebrations in the US but what are we doing in Ireland?
# Samsung v Apple
Samsung v Apple: the battle continues
Samsung has voluntarily dropped one of its lawsuits against Apple but the tit-for-tat legal battle rages on.
# Tragic
Seven-year-old killed in Wexford road crash
A young boy has died in Clonroche, Wexford after being struck by a Jeep.
# People Power
Nine dead in Syria as biggest ever anti-Assad protests take place
Hundreds of thousands of people have taken to streets all across Syria to protest against President Bashar al-Assad’s current regime.
# Irish 'Catholics'
Watch: US Catholic TV preacher finds Irish Catholicism "in dire straits"
Catholic preacher travels to make video in Dublin – and is shocked that people “deliberately miss Mass” and at finding stickers that “promote sodomy as a right”.
# Jobswatch
Healthcare company Alere to create new 100 jobs in Galway
Some good news on the job front for Galway as healthcare company sets up business service centre.
# Skills Shortage
US firms need 2,000 Irish workers but say the skills aren't there
American companies complain that they can’t find Irish workers with the right skills.
# Monster-in-Law
Father of "ill-mannered" email bride hits back at "Miss Fancy Pants"
Upset father launches counter-attack on “snotty” mother-in-law.
# Austerity
While Greece riots, Italy passes €47bn austerity plan
Europe’s financial worries deepen as Italy plans for more austerity measures to balance its budget.
# Oxford Comma
Will you miss the 'Oxford comma'?
Grammar fans react angrily to the scrapping of the Oxford comma – but what on earth is it?
# Google
Irish authorities asked Google to remove mystery content
Google launches its transparency report to highlight government removal requests: guess which country submitted most removal requests?
# Startups
Irish among the most entrepreneurial in Europe
Report explains Ireland that economic necessity is driving entrepreneurship.
# Monster-in-Law
Bourne supreme? Mother-in-law's savage email goes viral
Think you have a bad relationship with your in-laws? Then read what Carolyn Bourne sent her son’s bride…