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Father of "ill-mannered" email bride hits back at "Miss Fancy Pants"

Upset father launches counter-attack on “snotty” mother-in-law.

Asked if the Bourne/Withers wedding will be awkward, Carolyn Bourne simply said,
Asked if the Bourne/Withers wedding will be awkward, Carolyn Bourne simply said, "We will see".
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THE FATHER OF a young English bride who was attacked by her mother-in-law in a scathing email that went viral this week has spoken out in defence of his daughter.

According to the Daily Mail, Alan Withers, father of 28-year-old Heidi, hit back at the writer of the email, Carolyn Bourne, calling her a “snotty Miss Fancy Pants”.

Not holding back, Withers said Bourne, a 60-year-old horticulturalist, “has her head stuck so far up her own a*** she doesn’t know whether to speak or f**t”.

The war-of-words started about six weeks ago after Bourne criticised her stepson’s future bride in a stinging email attack, which she sent to her three times. In the lengthy tirade, she slammed her manners, eating habits and even her character. Following a weekend trip with her boyfriend’s family in Devon, Bourne said Withers’ should “take some guidance from experts” if she wanted to be accepted by the wider family.

She also said Withers, who works as a PA in a London recruitment firm, would be an ideal candidate for the British television show, Ladette to Lady.

The Daily Mail has more details on the two feuding families, as well as the orginal email. The newspaper reports that one of the mother-in-law’s complaints about Withers was that she did not send a handwritten thank you card after her stay. She also claimed that the family’s dog was “profoundly upset” after the visit.

According to Daily Telegraph, Ms Withers did not respond to the email on advice from her father.

Speaking from his home in Herefordshire, Mr Withers said he would never forgive Bourne for sending the email.

On previous meetings, he said he was aware that she thought her family were “better” than his as she continuously talked about her five horses and how they were part of the “Queen’s set”. He said:

Ever since that meeting we call her Miss Fancy Pants.

“Miss Fancy Pants” herself has said she will now “maintain a dignified silence” but will still attend the nuptials of her stepson, Freddie, and his bride.

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