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# Bears

Last year
Bears thump Patriots for first road win of season
Chicago ended a sequence of three away defeats with an emphatic win at a rainswept Foxborough.
All time
# Bears
Irish hooker Bryan Byrne joins Pat Lam's Bristol on permanent basis
The 26-year-old was with the Premiership club on loan from Leinster before the lockdown.
# World Class
Pat Lam's Bristol announce signing of England and Lions prop Sinckler
The 26-year-old will make the move from Harlequins this summer.
# bear dancing
Traumatised bears and wolves find solace at Greek sanctuary
Bear dancing — forcibly taught to the animals by making them walk on hot coals — is a practice that still survives in the Balkans.
# Abominable Snowman
New report reveals bear facts about the Yeti
It turns out that the Yeti, is, in fact, a bear.
# shrinking ice
Tourists 'gobsmacked' by sight of polar bears crowded on Russian Arctic island
Climate change means ice, where polar bears are most at home, is melting earlier in the year.
# attacks on humans
Animal rights groups outraged at Romania's plan to kill bears and wolves
Romania is home to over half of Europe’s brown bears.
# two killed
Experts bewildered by ‘lightning strike’ surge in fatal bear attacks in Alaska
Forest trails have been closed and events cancelled in the wake of the attacks.
# four paws
These brown bears now live in the lap of luxury after a life of horrendous abuse
A specialised centre in northern Ukraine seeks to give such bears a better life. The abuse of brown bears in the country is a longstanding cultural problem.
# warning
Four people killed in bear attacks in northern Japan
The victims were aged 65 to 79 and had been foraging for edible wild plants.
# India
Bear shot dead after killing two villagers in a rampage
Police in India said they had not option but to kill the animal.
# shaving bears
NBC just dropped a new contender for correction of the year
Ah lads, an easy mistake to make.
# bear with me
A man had a run-in with a bear... but it didn't end like you'd think
BOO! Scared ya.
# poaching
Ten arrested after wild panda bear killed and skinned
Police found two brothers had shot the animal in forest near Zhaotong, a poverty-stricken city in China’s Yunnan province.
# in for a big surprise
'Don't chase bears while drunk and holding a hatchet', warn police
If you go down to the woods today…
# fatal attraction
Alaskan bear family to be killed because they love the big city too much
They just can’t stay away from those rubbish bins.
# oh my
A new hotel in Australia lets you dine with lions and take a bath next to bears
Ever dreamt of feeding giraffes from your hotel balcony? Probably not, right?
# Bears
These teddy bears turned inside out will haunt your nightmares
Not so cuddly any more.
Chargers to bolt past Jets - NFL week five preview
We preview both tonight’s live televised games.
# bearman
Video captures bear walking around upright like a human
Totally normal.
# safe and sound
Mammy bear rescues baby bear from dangerous road
Reason #749309382 why mams are the best.
# Ingmar Bear-man
Finally... Someone's given a European bear a camera and sent it to the woods to make a documentary
Don’t try this at home…
# unbearably cute
WATCH: Bear plays swingball with himself
Anyone willing to take him on?
# Bear v Woman
VIDEO: Bear (huge) frightened away by woman (tiny)
Watch the bear beat a hasty retreat.
The Redzone: The 49ers can cool the Jets
With both teams unexpectedly 2-1, but for very different reasons, there’s a lot on the line in New York this weekend.
# Bears
Bears break into sweet shop, cars searching for food amid US drought
An exceptionally dry summer has depleted bears’ usual food supplies of berries and vegetation – pushing them further into residential areas.
# Irony
Well, that's ironic: Bearsville, NY home repeatedly ransacked by bears
The Knowles family’s home in Bearsville, upstate New York, has been having some rather ironic visitors…
# Bear Brawl
WATCH: Bears fight on Florida lawn
Residents say they don’t want to see the bears moved.
# It's Friday
VIDEO: Just a conga line of bears licking each others' heads
Enough said, really.
Sitdown Sunday: 7 deadly reads
The very best of the week’s writing from around the web.
# Pandas
Two giant pandas from China land in Scotland
The Scottish government has said the loan of the pandas symbolises a “growing friendship” between Scotland and China.
# Wild animals
Police hunt dozens of animals escaped from Ohio farm
Close to 30 of the 48 animals were shot and killed yesterday as police chased animals that escaped from a wild-animal preserve in eastern Ohio.
# Russia
Hungry Russian bears pillage graveyards
A shortage of typical bear fare has led the animals to scour cemeteries for easy sources of food.