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# Bear Brawl
WATCH: Bears fight on Florida lawn
Residents say they don’t want to see the bears moved.

A FLORIDA WOMAN whose garden recently hosted a brawl between two black bears has said she doesn’t want to see the animals being forced to relocate to a different area.

The Sun Sentinel reports that Tammy Snell’s neighbour filmed the two bears fighting on her front lawn in Longwood, Florida.

However, Snell said that proximity to bears is “a part of living where we live” and that residents don’t want to see the animals moved.

(Video uploaded by GlobalNewz)

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says that black bears are “not necessarily” a threat to humans living nearby, but that it is important to treat them as wild animals and not to feed them or allow them access to sources such bird feeders or rubbish bins because they will remember that food source.

“Even though black bears are normally too shy to risk contact with humans, their powerful need to find food can overwhelm this fear,” the commission advises.

The commission also says that relocating bears is difficult because they often return to the original site and are reluctant to live in an area already occupied by other bears.

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