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These two guys just kept on drinking even though the pub's beer garden was flooded

Never, ever give up on those pints.
Nov 16th 2015, 3:21 PM 7,161 3

beergarden Source: Twitter

THE WEATHER WAS absolutely awful all weekend in Ireland – and it looks like they were hit with some serious rain over in England too.

The Kirkstall Bridge Inn in Leeds had a bit of bother with its beer garden on Sunday evening. As you can see above, it was totally flooded.

But two patrons didn’t let that stop them enjoying their pints

Their story went super viral on Twitter and Reddit - just look at them there, not a bother on them

DNjZnt4 Source: Imgur

Once their story started getting shared all over the internet, they became the heroes of an awfully wet November weekend

ladspints Source: Twitter

Cheers, lads

cheers2 Source: Twitter

Never give up on those pints.

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