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Watch Ben Affleck speak out brilliantly against Islamophobia

The actor was appearing as a guest on Real Time with Bill Maher.

WHILE APPEARING AS a guest on Real Time with Bill Maher on Friday night, Ben Affleck became embroiled in a heated debate during which he called out his fellow panellists for their remarks and spoke out against Islamophobia.

During the discussion, host Bill Maher and author Sam Harris argued that liberals should be open to criticising Islam for not adhering to liberal ideals, a stance that Affleck described as “gross” and “racist”.

As the debate continued and after Maher compared Islam to the “mafia” amongst other things, Affleck spoke out vehemently against stereotyping all Muslims.

benaffleck1 Source: u-s-a-momote/Twitter

benaffleck2 Source: u-s-a-momote/Twitter

Affleck’s remarks won him a lot of support online.

A Batman we can all get behind.

Watch the debate in its entirety below. Brace yourself for yelling.

Source: PumpedToWatch/YouTube

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