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17 of the coolest lecturers you'll wish you had in college

Teach us your ways.

CAO OFFERS WERE handed out in their droves this morning. With thousands of students heading off to college shortly, they dream of being taught by some of the country’s finest minds (in between drinking).

In other words, not this lot.

1. This guy, who stuck a giant photo of himself on his office door instead of actually being there

wEQshQe Imgur Imgur

2. The maths teacher who will stop at nothing to get the solution

htXf7 Imgur Imgur

3. The sneaky professor who doesn’t miss a trick

DzGpFIA Imgur Imgur

3Qhm3L5 Imgur Imgur

4. The Chemistry professor who shows great knowledge of both memes and a good pun

fqUZa Imgur Imgur

5. Or this one, who knows the effect television has on his students, all too well

cmdLZZ8 Imgur Imgur

6. Nancy, who is not taking any of your crap

jRvTJxz Imgur Imgur

7. This hero, who couldn’t decide between a tie and bow so wore BOTH

LMkdlix Imgur Imgur

8. The professor who turned up at a 7.30 exam in his pyjamas

F5HDl9T Imgur Imgur

9. Showing concern for absent students is all part of the job

Z6T7bXi Imgur Imgur

10. As is keeping up with the Kardashians

U8bfMfo Imgur Imgur

11. Laser pointers? Not for this guy!

DiPAtU1 Imgur Imgur

12. The professor who knows exactly where his strengths lie


13. You can only hope this guy walks into your lecture room… Darth Grader

zFtZx Imgur Imgur

14. Get some bad student feedback? Make like this guy, and it back to them

ROsC7 Imgur Imgur

15. This lecturer that’s a bit TOO honest

pB7biVW Imgur Imgur

16. Or this guy, who will attack you if you dress up like a chicken

You’ve been warned.

ch28BZ3 Imgur Imgur

Prime416 / YouTube

17. Finally, this legend with some excellent timing. Please, teach us your ways

OrsmVideos / YouTube

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