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15 pains you'll only understand if you grew up with an older brother

Can you just be player one for ONCE.

HAVING AN OLDER brother can be both a blessing and a curse. But mostly a curse when you’re little.

1. You never got in trouble, but only because your parents were too busy punishing him for things he did to you

H8xdqiR Source: Imgur

2. You were always put in his hand-me-downs, no matter what your gender is

It’s not a shirt any more, it’s a dress.

23179e42e3da7aa10ab8cdeec6768b86 Source: Ccio

3. A screw-up or embarrassing moment never went unforgotten or unslagged

Older brothers are almost always incapable of sympathy.


4. Nicknames are just a fancy word for ongoing insults

Ydcmb Source: Imgur

5. You constantly had your tastes shot-down, but he inevitably made yours better

So what if he was responsible for your teen goth phase? Think of all the bands you wouldn’t have heard without him.

jF1XD1B Source: Imgur

6. He’d help you, but would always tell you how much he didn’t want to

FunnyNews01.24 Source: Exploding Turnip

7. Your house was a constant cloud of Lynx

Deal with it.

157742-Lynx-Africa-Deodorant-Bodyspray-150ml Source: Bmstores

8. His toys murdered your toys on a daily basis

iuAywrr Source: Imgur

All of your dolls and action men looked like this:

22rHaFy Source: Imgur

9. All the big shop goodies were eaten hours after they were unpacked

Your mam had to start hiding them, which meant you missed out either way.


10. The rare time you were allowed play his consoles, you always had to be player 2

Can I just be Mario for ONCE? No, Luigi.

y1AR8kq Source: Imgur

11. When his friends were over, you were cast aside

And you BETTER not attempt to join them.

IQk1ak7 Source: Imgur

12. You constantly heard about his reaction the day you were born

He hated you, FYI.

0h8UE2s Source: Imgur

13. You had to hear stories of how you were adopted every time your parents back was turned

i61p8lH Source: Imgur

14. And that he is basically the king, as he came first

uuIIMlR Source: Imgur

15. It’s his world, you’re just living in it, and using his stuff

V4VBHaD Source: Imgur

But you will have your moment

KpSrK2D Source: Imgur

And it’s not all bad, he loves you really


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