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#not the oscars

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Can you just be player one for ONCE.

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We’d never seen such drama *breathes*

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Sleep. Eat. Cry. Repeat.

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Melting away that Sunday fear.

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Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwh here it goes.

Ed Sheeran fans weren't happy with Ant & Dec during his Saturday Night Takeaway performance

Ant and Dec kept talking over his performance with the British Royal marines.

A woman was arrested for pleasuring herself during a Fifty Shades screening

It was inevitable. We all know it was.

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7 essential stock phrases to deploy with any Irish taxi driver

What time are you on till?

Rumours Christy Dignam has died are "just rumours", say bandmates

The Aslan frontman was hospitalised on Thursday.

17 expressions to sum up Kanye's claims that Beyoncé is inspired by Kim Kardashian

Not gonna lie to you Kanye, we have our doubts.