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8 body anxieties every Irish woman faces in the summer

“There isn’t a decent togs in the house!”

1. You’re constantly monitoring the armipit hair situation

“Can I get away with not shaving?” becomes the new “Can I get away with not washing my hair?” as you try to calculate the amount of times you might be putting your hands in the air.

2. You have to shave your legs way more often than you’d like and it eats into your precious “lounging in a beer garden” time

In winter, you can basically leave your leg hair grow and grow, and nobody ever has to know. Then summer comes and you have to spend money on razors and depilatory creams lest it ends up like this.

BMGJC6hCMAA3wk8 Source: Harry/Twitter


3. Realising that you don’t have a half-decent togs

togs Source: Flickr

The text comes in. “Want to go to the beach?”

You frantically tear your drawers apart, and realise the only togs you have looks like it was bought in 1997 and is all loose and saggy.

“I’m away, sorry!!!”

4. Bikini line paranoia takes over your life

Is it getting out of hand? Will anybody notice? Is there, God forbid, razor bump?

Lord help us.

5. Worrying about the state of your feet and whether they’re fit for public viewing

pedicure Source: Flickr

With summer comes sandals and the crippling realisation that you have neglected your feet for, oh, the previous nine months. The hard skin, the corns, that horrifying baby toenail – if only socks and sandals were acceptable.

*puts on pink nail varnish, prays nobody notices*

6. Your pasty legs cause you to believe that you’re suffering from some sort of vitamin deficiency

legs Source: Flickr

It’s not normal to be translucent, is it? There must be something wrong.

7. If you try applying fake tan, you’re paralysed with fear that there’s a streak on the back of your leg nobody is telling you about

BoL9DJQCYAANqdo Source: AlyssaJewellery/Twitter

You’ve just got to pray that your friends/significant other can be honest with you.

8. And the thought of walking around with underboob sweat patches haunts you

enhanced-buzz-26571-1433163570-6 (1)

If you are unfortunate enough to arrive home and discover an embarrassing sweat patch, you’ll spend the rest of the day frantically trying to recall if you bumped into anyone you knew.

You may also find yourself Googling “boob anti perspirant”.

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