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13 memories of Bondi Beach Club anyone who was ever there will instantly recognise

The best of times.

AH BONDI WE miss you.

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The Ormond Quay nightclub closed its doors in 2011, and the building has now officially been sold. But anyone who ever went there will remember…

1. The queues outside were mega

At least you had time for a sneaky naggin before you were robbed of ten euro cover.

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2. Some people just wouldn’t get over the fact that it was a mildly-changed Zanzibar

They didn’t even change the SIGN for months.

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3. The place looked like an actual beach, complete with big palm trees placed all over the gaff

The girlos used them to hide their bags.


4. There was also a great deal of inexplicable sand

Is it for decoration? Can we walk on it? Who knows?

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5. Some crap celeb was guaranteed to appear on any given weekend

AH yes, X Factor’s very own Eoghan Quigg played a gig here. High profile.

6. Pre-drinks on the Ha’penny bridge were standard

Just don’t let the bouncers see you.

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7. You were definitely given a cheap one of these at some stage


8. The smoking area was one of the best in Dublin

Remember the lad who sold food in it?


9. The dancefloor was wild

And there was a weird stage on it.

Source: will112344, Youtube

10. The longest bar ever greeted you the minute you got in the door

Funny how you could still never get near it.


11. The balcony was the perfect spot for creeping on everyone below

12. These mirrors were the best for checking your makeup

13. And finally, two euro drinks Monday could just not be beaten


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