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A coffee shop in Cork liveblogged a Tinder date... and it didn't end well

Who would have thought this could end badly?

THE BOOKSHELF COFFEE shop in Cork tried their best.

The cafe attempted to accommodate a Tinder date for a โ€˜friendโ€™ on the condition they could liveblog the whole thing.

They went above and beyond with the decor

Even putting in a slick reference to Fight Night

A full feedback card? Ah here

Both were late at first, making us wonder if it would even happen at all

The guy, Michael, turned up. Sorted

A rose and all. Bless.

But his allusive Tinder match failed to show up :(

Gotta give them props for trying to set him up anyhow

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He was certainly left with a few admirers

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The cruel, harsh word of dating.

A highly scientific study* into the effectiveness of Orangina as a hangover cure>

Does putting a spoon in a bottle of Prosecco actually keep it fizzy overnight?>

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