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The Dredge: Look at Brian McFadden's moustache!

Incredible scenes. All the very best of the morning’s dirt…

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#MCTASCHEN: Ireland’s favourite son Brian McFadden has been on a bit of a beach hol in Marbella with his missus Vogue. And he’s taken the opportunity to grow a magnificent lipwarmer that would put Tom Selleck to shame.




Tragically, Bri has since taken the (frankly wrongheaded) decision to get rid of the finest soup-strainer since Burt Reynolds played the Bandit. And reverted to the fresh-faced look of his Westlife days:


We’re sorry, Brian. We’re so, so sorry.

#SWAG SWAG SWAG: Justin Bieber – the man famously dubbed a “pop scrotum” – is going to space. Yes, space. Where the paparazzi can’t bother him any more.

Him and his child-man manager Scooter Braun have signed up for one of Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic flights for the paltry sum of $200,000, prompting this excitable exchange.

But be warned, Justin: in space, nobody can hear you sing about eating fondue.

#CHADVRIL: There are rumours afoot – sparked by these photos – that Avril Lavigne is pregnant with Chad Kroeger’s baby. Yes, the guy from Nickelback. (They’re married.)

Will we take a look at how that might turn out?

Here are Avril and Chad:

Pics: PA

And here’s their (potential) baby:


#SEAGALITARIAN: Steven Seagal visited Chechnya recently. While there, he tried his hand at an ethnic dance.

Just watch the video. Just watch it. It gets really good at around the 20-second mark.

YouTube/Ibrahim Chechen

We can’t better this description from dlisted:

Steven looked like a bear in a human costume swatting bees while having a heart attack.

Yes. Yes, he does.

And the rest of the day’s dirt…

  • Benedict Cumberbatch “exposed himself in religious places.” (Digital Spy)
  • Jonah Hill is a SERIOUS ACTOR now. Also, a mighty douchebag. (The Superficial)
  • Sarah Jessica Parker has excellent socks. (Mail Online)
  • Jessie Spano visited AC Slater on set. (ONTD)
  • The new Superman was called “fatty” at school. WHO’S LAUGHING NOW? (Mirror)

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