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From Arousal and muzzled: The week in quotes Said And Done This post contains images

Arousal and muzzled: The week in quotes

“It is important for me personally to go ahead and affirm that same-sex couples should be able to get married.”

From Bristol Palin slams Obama for listening to daughters on gay marriage US

Bristol Palin slams Obama for listening to daughters on gay marriage

Sarah Palin’s daughter says US president took advice from teens who watched “one too many episodes of Glee”.

From Bristol Palin to write the book of her life Bristol Book

Bristol Palin to write the book of her life

Sarah Palin’s daughter seals deal for memoir which will track her coming of age, being a single mom and coping with a relationship breakdown in public.

Willow Palin defends her mother's TV show with homophobic slurs on Facebook

Willow and Bristol Plain engage in a little trashtalk on Facebook… Bad idea.

Bristol Palin's gorilla jive fails to impress (video) Bristol Palin This post contains videos

Bristol Palin's gorilla jive fails to impress (video)

Actually, the monkey suit was what judges were most impressed with.

THE TWO-TIME FORMER FIANCÉ of Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol is planning to run for the mayorship of their home town of Wasilla as part of a reality TV show.

Levi Johnston, who fathered a child born to Bristol Palin during her mother’s vice-presidential campaign in 2008, is running for city office as part of his new show, “Loving Levi: The Road to the Mayor’s Office”.

His manager, Tank Jones, confirmed that Johnston (20) would run either for the position of Mayor or for a seat on the city council.

But with the city clerk saying that the deadline for registering as a candidate in the latter election having already passed, and with Johnston’s name not being among the list of candidates, Johnston must thus be intending to run for the mayor’s job.

The very same position was held by his twice prospective mother-in-law, Sarah Palin, between 1996 and 2002. The position has been held by the Republican Party since Palin won it from incumbent Democrat John Stein in 1996.

“Let me put it to you like this,” Jones said. “If you live in a town and things are happening in that town, and you’re displeased with it, what do you do? You try to change those things.

The Huffington Post says that while Jonse did not offer much tangible policy aspects of Johnston’s prospective bid, he said: “This is not a spoof. This is not a joke.”

Johnston was engaged to Bristol Palin (19) twice, most recently when the couple reunited last month following a split in March 2009. Last week, however, Bristol ended the relationship again – just three weeks after they resumed their engagement. The couple have a 20-month-old son, Tripp.

Between his stints as Palin’s fiancé Johnston posed for Playgirl magazine.

SARAH PALIN’S 19-year-old daughter Bristol has broken off her engagement to Levi Johnston for the second time – three weeks after announcing that they had gotten back together. The couple had dated during Palin’s 2008 vice-presidential campaign but split in March 2009.

ALASKA’S FORMER GOVERNOR is reportedly so angry over her daughter’s decision to marry the man she broke up with a year ago, that she won’t attend their wedding. Bristol Palin, 19, and Levi Johnston, 20, are due to marry later this summer.

US celebrity news site PopEater writes that Bristol has even asked her mother to forego a gift and just attend the wedding.

The former US vice-presidential candidate was very public with her criticism of Johnston after he fell out with her daughter last year. She referred to his magazine photoshoots as an “aspiring porn career” in an interview with Oprah.

The couple reunited after meeting to discuss custody of their 18-month-old son, Tripp. The pair then decided to make their reunion and pending nuptials public in an Us magazine exclusive – before telling Sarah.

She wasn’t the only one left in the dark. Apparently, Johnston’s mother didn’t know either, and is no more impressed with the arrangement than Bristol’s mother. She said was heartbroken by the way she found out about the engagement.

Instead of hearing the news fro her son, her daughter had shown her the cover of the magazine which announced their engagement.

BRISTOL PALIN has reunited with her former beau, Levi Johnston, after a huge public bust-up and the pair are heading up the aisle. News of their second engagement came via an interview with Us Weekly, which may also have been where Sarah Palin first heard the news.

The couple broke up last year, but reunited when meeting to discuss custody of their son, Tripp. The couples don’t plan to hang around on the wedding plans. They have planned a short six-week engagement before their nuptials, and had not yet broken the news to Bristol’s mother.

So, what will Sarah Palin make of the wedding plans? The former vice-presidential candidate has made no secret of her dislike of Johnston. In an interview with Oprah last year she referred to him as “Ricky Hollywood” and said he had an “aspiring porn” career.

Johnston, 20, hasn’t held back himself in the past either, criticising Sarah for pushing Bristol into the limelight. He even said that Sarah Palin tried to get him arrested:

Recently, though he recanted all of the negative comments he made about Sarah Palin and her family in a recent People magazine interview. He said he apologised for lies he told about them after splitting up with Bristol last year. He boiled his untrue statements down to “youthful indiscretion”.