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8 unusual 'facts' you may not know about carrots

Who knew carrots were so fascinating?

WE ARE TOLD from a young age that carrots are full of Vitamin D and will help you see in darkness.

But there are so many things we still don’t know about them.

Enter Twitter user, @RealCarrotFacts, with one mission–maintain the carrot’s status as ‘one of the most famous vegetables in the world.’

Join the 50,000 that are hungry for beta-carotene knowledge. Here are some things you may have not known about carrots:

1. They can take the place of an absent lover.

2. They aren’t a valid form of currency.

3. They’re a great form of energy, just don’t get carried away.

4. Steven Tyler doesn’t want to be photographed with them.

After extensive research, we can confirm this fact.
5. Forget the great HB dilemma, carrots are your only option for these hot summer days.

6. They are difficult to induce into a slumber.

7. They can be a solid point of moral guidance.

8. Ultimately, they’re natural, tasty, and good for you.

How many of these things are you brave enough to do alone?

It’s so hot, there was a camel on the beach in Donegal>

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