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#Cat Video

'Remove Cat Before Flight' is the one video you need to see today

This cat is a hero. No question.

This cat couldn't be less impressed by the 'world's biggest whoopee cushion'

“What are you, 10?” – This cat, probably.

Just a cat, experiencing a brain freeze for the first time

Love ice cream. Hate the brain freezes.

Here is definitive proof that cats are jerks

Well, this cat is, anyway.

Is this cat trying to hug his dog friend, or choke him?

Is this love, or something more treacherous? The dog isn’t convinced.

This cat is everyone who has ever been caught doing something weird

“Oh… I didn’t see you there.”

Cat gets its teeth brushed, has a major revelation about life

The power of oral hygiene.

Cat makes a complete hames of jumping onto the wardrobe

Elegance personified.

Who knew cats and bananas were such mortal enemies?

Yet another foe to add to the long, long list of Cat Enemies.

Cat hassles owners non-stop to come out and play in the snow

The internet continues to be made of cats.

World's rudest cat defies owner, knocks glass off table

This cat isn’t interested in your stupid rules.

Just a kitten, getting mightily spooked by a DVD


Cat tries to dig its way out of snowed-in house, fails miserably

“I’ve made a huge mistake.” – Cat

Oh nothing, just a cat playing ping pong with its human

And it’s pretty serious about it.

This video proves that cats and Christmas trees will be mortal enemies forever

Cats don’t care for silly human traditions like Christmas.

This screaming cat sums up everyone's feelings about going outside tonight

Listen to that wailing.

A green cat is roaming the streets of Bulgaria

It’s not easy being green.

It's almost too easy to catch a cat....

All you need is a laser pointer, a box, and a pencil.

What horrors has this cat seen?

“Will my husband ever return from war?”

Watch this curious cat get an awful fright from a plastic bag

Do you ever feel like a plastic bag? This cat does.

This kitten absolutely loves being slid across the floor by his human

It’s like curling. Except with a cat!

Human finally outsmarts cat by attaching laser to its head

I for one welcome our new laser overlords.

Dramatic cat spots itself in the mirror for the first time

“Who is that handsome animal?”

When two cats meet for the first time...

Tense. Very tense.

These kittens are suspiciously good at dancing


This cat is probably better at Jenga than you are

And it doesn’t even have THUMBS.

A new cat is carrying on the legacy of Keyboard Cat

Play them off, new Keyboard Cat.

Cat says 'Hey'


The sliding door is no match for this dexterous cat

Want to keep this cat out? You’ll have to try harder than that.

A cat ran into a door on a French cookery show and it was amazing

And they kept it in the show. They kept it in!

Cute cat tries to understand dubstep, fails


This kitten and duckling taking a nap together are you this morning

Kitten and duckling spoons.

You've never seen a cat jump quite like this

Its legs are secretly springs.

Cat makes a right mess of jumping on to the fridge

Not even close.

Evil genius cat goes fishing for other cat

Come closer, my pretty. Come closer.

Caring horse nuzzles a little white cat, cuteness ensues

Animals being friends. Is there anything nicer?

The noise this cat makes while it eats will either disturb or delight you

Oh, come on. Cat food can’t be that delicious. Or can it?

These unimpressed cats couldn't care less about magic tricks

Ain’t no moggie got time for that.

Clever cat Willie just can't handle messy toilet roll

The fearless feline knows how important it is to keep things neat and tidy.

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