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English university seeks 'chocolate doctor' to study the sweet stuff


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ARE YOU A chocolate fiend looking to get a PhD?

Boy, have we found the job for you.

Cambridge University in the UK is seeking a doctoral student to pursue what sounds like the sweetest job in the world: studying the fundamentals of chocolate.

The research goal, according to the job description, is to identify ways of keeping chocolate-based food from melting in warm climates.

That’s certainly going to be a challenge, given that even the best-quality chocolate starts going soft around 34 degrees Celsius below human body temperature.

A solution could fatten up the profits of the world’s top 10 chocolate companies, which last year posted sales exceeding $85 billion.

Will the successful candidate be able to, eh, eat any of the failed experiments? Just something we need to know. To help us fill out our application forms, like.

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