11 of the most notions Christmas leftover recipes

What’s wrong with the humble turkey and ham pie?

1. Anything to do with leftover selection boxes/chocolate coins

THERE IS NO SUCH THING. They have been eaten in shame in the shade of the Christmas tree.

2. Christmas pudding sundaes

… Á la chef Thomasina Miers. Vomit.

Source: © Sainsbury's

3. Brussel sprout salad

You can’t throw dressing and croutons on something and call it a salad.

4. Christmas pudding scones

From Jamie Oliver’s magazine.

Source: Jamie Oliver

5. Turkey croque monsieur

Let’s call it a turkey sambo and leave it at that, alright?

6. Green veggie fritters

Do people keep leftover veg for any other reason other than to use in soup?

7. Mulled wine jellies

Give me a sour strawberry or a Refresher over these any day, TBH.

Also the whole novelty of mulled wine is that it’s warm SO HOW DOES THIS WORK?!

8. ‘Boxing Day’ quesadillas

Let’s leave the quesadillas to Boojum, minus the turkey and ham, please and thanks.

9. Christmas pudding scotch pancakes

This ticks every box in the How To Notions manual. Using Christmas pudding leftovers? Tick! Pancakes? Tick! Scotch pancakes? Tick!

Source: Spinneys Dubai

10. Sprouts and bacon pizza

11. Sprout pesto

“Let’s take a good concept, add a bad thing and make the good thing, bad.”

Supposedly delicious on “toast, pasta, biscuits with cheese”, but I refuse to accept that as fact tbh.

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