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What is a Cinderfella and why are people chatting about it?

We’ve all met one, apparently.

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IT’S THE LATEST dating buzz term that’s being used to describe a specific person we’re all supposed to have encountered.

He’s called the Cinderfella, and according to this Huffington Post blogger he’s the guy to avoid:

cinderfella2 Source: HuffPo

Michelle Martin coined the stereotypical term in a post to the site last week, and it’s caught fire since then.

Her description of the Cinderfella is:

I call my new discovery “Cinderfella” — the middle-aged single man with an insatiable hunger for intense emotional and physical intimacy. Cinderfellas want passion! They want fireworks! They want to feel alive! They want to be rescued from their loneliness wastelands! And they want it all by the second or third date.

The term has been picked up by Bustle – with some advice on how to spot one on the first date

cinderfella Source: Bustle

Glamour says that the Cinderfella is on the opposite end of the spectrum to the commitment-phobe

cinderfella3 Source: Glamour

Michelle Martin has five points that will help you spot a Cinderfella – if such a thing exists out there in the dating world. They are:

  1. Cinderfellas are in a hurry
  2. Cinderfellas are often very recently divorced
  3. Cinderfellas are romantic and creative
  4. Cinderfellas don’t like conflict
  5. Cinderfellas love drama

So now.

And they say romance is dead ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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