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14 things we lusted after in Claire's Accessories growing up

The 3 for 2 on pens bankrupted primary school students everywhere.

1. Anything from Stuff by Hilary Duff

Very imaginatively titled, might I add.

2. Fingerless fishnet gloves

We ALL had an emo phase, however big or small.

Source: Dance World

3. Sex bands

Before they were band from schools. (I was too afraid to Google Image search a picture but they were basically glorified elastic bands).

4. Pre-made scoobie bracelets/key-chains

Another craze lost to the hands of time.

Source: Pinterest

5. Lipsmackers

For reasons we shouldn’t have to explain.

6. Any of the mad rainbow eyeshadow palettes

The gateway drug to MAC.

7. Their fairy-cake lip balm

SO edible smelling, yet so not actually edible. :(

Source: Pinterest

8. The many, many multi-packs of earrings on offer

In particular, those weird multi-coloured spiky jelly ones.

Source: Pinterest

9. … And belly bars

Source: Claire's

10. A shitey hair band you’d pick up, wear once, and resign to The Drawer

Every house hold had a drawer of hair bands bought after many an experimental fringe.

11. Those sk8r wristbands that Avril Lavigne made popular among teenage girls and NEVER APOLOGISED FOR

Source: EMPICS Entertainment

Any combination of pink and black/red and black/white and black stripes is PTSD inducing.

12. Braces

Source: Amazon

To be found on the emo wall, to be exact. Probably next to the fingerless fishnet gloves.

13. Anything with Hello Kitty on it

Source: Imgur

14. The animal keyrings that you used be able to squeeze fake poo out of

The height of comedy back in 5th and 6th class.

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