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18 perfect coffee shop signs that deserve recognition

You for coffee? You for coffee.
Jan 18th 2015, 9:30 AM 52,644 32

1. This sign that sums up the need for an espresso

Source: Stephen O'Leary

2. This message to people who talk on their phone while ordering

Source: Imgur

3. This lovingly customised sign for a coffee shop under a railway bridge

Source: @FieldsBeneath

4. This poem about ice cream

Source: Imgur

5. This not-so-subtle Starbucks burn

idahp Source: Idaho Cafe, Cork City @IdahoCafe via Richard Jacob

6. This even-less-subtle Starbucks burn

Source: Imgur

7. This literal ‘f*** you’ to Starbucks

Source: Imgur

8. This delightful message

9. This straightforward announcement

Source: Imgur

10. This truth bomb

11. This non-coffee-related buthighly accurate life observation

12. The Latté Rap

Source: Imgur

13. This heartening message

Source: Imgur

14. We interrupt this article about coffee shop signs to bring you this tea shop sign

15. And we’re back… This French coffee shop that bases its prices on how polite you are when ordering

16. This impeccable reasoning

Source: Imgur

17. This observation

18. And this manifesto for life

wine Source: imgur

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