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# coin collecting
Dublin Mint Office denies targeting older people as customers report receiving coins they never ordered
One woman said her aunt was sent coins to the value of €44,800 during the Covid-19 lockdown.
# hidden treasure
Who stashed this gold inside a British piano? It's a mystery
A couple who donated the piano to a nearby school are set to lose out on the money.
# Piggy Bank
The sea turtle who swallowed almost 1,000 coins has died
The turtle’s nickname was… Piggy Bank.
# cracked shell
Surgeons remove 915 coins swallowed by Thai sea turtle
People had thrown the coins into her pool for good luck.
# 1916
These gold and silver coins with phrases from the Proclamation have been released today
The Central Bank also released 4.5 million commemorative €2 coins into general circulation earlier this year.
# coining it
Here's what you can buy with the world's most expensive coin
It’s in Dublin this weekend.
# all change
Today's the day you'll start saying goodbye to those tiny copper coins
They’re going to be rounded up and down to the nearest 5c.
# centless
Goodbye: 1c and 2c coins are being scrapped
1c and 2c coins are on the way out .
# Your Say
Poll: Do you agree with the plan to scrap 1 and 2 cent coins?
All change?
# minted
One of Ireland's most famous poets is now on a coin
The collector coin has been launched to commemorate the 150th anniversary of WB Yeats’ birth.
# royally minted
You'll see a familiar (but older) face on UK coins from now on
A new portrait of The Queen is adorn sterling coinage.
# lots of silver
Man with metal detector finds one of Britain's largest hoard of buried treasure... hopes to buy new house
Paul Coleman was out with the Weekend Wanderers Detecting Club.
# credit check
These Trinity students think they may have solved the Bitcoin problem
Critics say that the digital currency lacks transparency – and a group of students have been trying to fix that.
# petty cash
Insurer pays off lawsuit with thousands in buckets of coins
That’ll show them.
# it makes cents
Galway event promoter pays litter fine entirely in 1c and 2c coins
That’s 150 smackeroonies. In coppers.
# Hidden
Hundred-year-old treasure found in time capsule under Columbus monument
Coins, medals, banknotes and some old scrolls were found in the box which was hidden when the monument was put in place in 1921.
# cents and sensibility
Man pays parking ticket with 5c coins
And, it has to be said, is pretty rude about it.
# Money
Wexford Town to stop using 1c and 2c coins today
The rounding trial runs until November and the project is being run by the Central Bank.
# Prime Numbers
Heatwave, hepatitis and holiday: The week in numbers
Plus: how many 1 cent and 2 cent coins were minted in Ireland in the last eight years (and may soon be obsolete)?
# poxy change
1c and 2c coins should be abolished, and here's why
They are a constant irritation.
# Your Say
Poll: Should we abolish 1 cent and 2 cent coins?
A Wexford town is going to be the guinea pig for abolishing the smallest denomination Euro coins. Good idea? Bad idea?
# Gold Rush
Going for gold: 400 year-old coins go on display at National Museum
Eighty one gold coins belonging to a seventeenth century merchant have gone on display at the National Museum of Ireland. Very little chocolate is said to be inside them.
# stolen treasure
Dead treasure hunter's loot of 899 artefacts returned to Irish museum
The items came to light following a tip-off from the British Museum to the National Museum of Ireland.
# Your Say
Poll: Would you support scrapping 1c and 2c coins?
A new pilot project in an Irish town will see the coins being taken out of use. Do you think it should go national?
# Cheques 'n Balances
One Irish town to experiment with scrapping 1c and 2c coins
The Central Bank’s new ‘National Payments Plan’ says Ireland could save €1bn by using more electronic payments.
# magic
VIDEO: Young magician makes homeless man very happy
He took the man’s coffee… and gave it back looking very different.
# great success
Commemorative coins set to ‘celebrate’ the success of the Euro
For the low low price of €70, you too can have your very own set of commemorative Euro coins.