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# it makes cents
Galway event promoter pays litter fine entirely in 1c and 2c coins
That’s 150 smackeroonies. In coppers.

A SMALL BUSINESS owner showed Galway City Council what he thought of a litter fine by paying the whole thing in copper coins.

Bruce Henry is the man behind Murder On The Menu, a murder mystery dinner theatre company in Galway city. He was slapped with a €150 litter fine five months ago for putting up posters around the city to advertise the service.

Speaking to the Connacht Tribune, Henry said as a small business owner it was “so frustrating” to be fined for littering:

This is done while at the same time politicians are granted nearly unrestricted access to blanket the entire city with election posters, which are double the size of my poster.

He paid the €150 fine with big bag of 1c and 2c coins last Friday, in “an act of civil disobedience”.

This is to protest at the way in which the Council have treated me.

A spokesperson for the City Council has said the fine is “nothing against any individual”, but simply following the law.

Well, you know, that makes cents. Ahem.

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