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# Coming Out

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# Coming Out
Phillip Schofield: 'I have been coming to terms with the fact that I am gay'
Schofield made the announcement in a statement posted on his Instagram account.
# opening up
'You're just accepted for who you are and that's the way it should be in men's or women's football'
Ireland captain Katie McCabe reflects on the positive reaction since opening up about her relationship with team-mate Ruesha Littlejohn.
# Speaking out
'Be the one to step in. It changed my life': James Kavanagh describes school bullying on Late Late
James Kavanagh was on the show with his brother John, who coaches Conor McGregor.
# Handsome Devil
This Irish director got a lovely message from a parent saying his film helped their kid come out
Handsome Devil was inspired by John Butler’s own experience of being gay at school.
# opening up
'I felt like the biggest liar ever. You don't want people to think differently of you'
Kildare captain Erica Burke shares her story.
# I'm still gay
Ellen DeGeneres shared a brilliant update on her iconic 1997 Time Magazine cover
It’s exactly 20 years since she came out on her sitcom.
# i write the songs
Barry Manilow speaks about hiding his gay relationship for nearly 40 years
The entertainer was married to his long-time partner in 2014.
# Coming Out
First Dates' Susan tells of the turmoil she endured as a closeted mother-of-two
Susan told Ryan Tubridy about the whirlwind years which saw her come out of the closet and appear on national television.
# Coming Out
This teenager came out to her family while on a Disneyland rollercoaster
# One Year On
Huge rise in young people coming out as gay since marriage referendum
The figures are released in a new survey by LGBT youth organisation BeLonG To.
# tbilisi cup
Munster's Scannell named at 10 as Emerging Ireland take on Uruguay
With fatal flooding hitting the Georgian capital this week, head coach Allen Clarke’s thoughts were for the local population.
# Changes
"It is definitely a lot harder to stay in than to come out"
The Health Minister was speaking on RTÉ’s The Ray D’Arcy’s Show this afternoon.
# ray of light
"Everything changes with this": Tears, relief (and sunscreen) at a jubilant Dublin Castle
“I think it’s a great thing – particularly for children growing up gay and for the children of gay couples. They already exist.”
# marriage referendum
'Worse than losing my seat': Leo would be absolutely devastated with a No vote
The Health Minister, who came out publicly in January, helped launch Fine Gael’s referendum campaign today.
# Former minister
Former minister Pat Carey on being gay: 'Colleagues sometimes unwittingly said hurtful things'
“To be frank about it I didn’t have the courage, the confidence to talk about it to a wider audience, maybe. I’m sorry about that.”
# courageous
14 lovely reactions to Pat Carey's interview about being gay
The former Fianna Fáil minister spoke about his sexuality on RTÉ Radio One this morning.
# Pat Carey
14 lovely reactions to Pat Carey's courageous interview about being gay
The former Fianna Fáil minister spoke about his sexuality on RTÉ Radio One this morning.
# Coming Out
'It's a really brave thing and the more people that come out, the more acceptable it is'
Valerie Mulcahy has been praised by fellow Cork ladies GAA star Anna Geary.
# Coming Out
8 wonderful coming out reactions that will warm your heart
* Ugly cry*
# Leo
'His courage will inspire many others who would like to be open about who they are'
Minister Leo Varadkar’s announcement that he is a gay man ‘won’t change his work in Government’, a fellow Minister has said.
# Coming Out
19 heart-warming and funny reactions to Varadkar coming out
“He’s 36?!?!”
# Coming Out
'Have you ever been to Pantibar?' - Enda Kenny slags Leo Varadkar about getting there first
Minister Varadkar is the first government minister to publicly announce that he is gay.
# Speaking openly
9-time All-Ireland winner Valerie Mulcahy comes out in Donal Óg documentary
The Cork star reveals how she dealt with her sexuality in the broadcast next Monday.
# proud
Here's the heartfelt letter a 9-year-old girl wrote her teacher after he came out as gay
# Aw
13-year-old comes out to best friend via text, best friend has heartwarming response
Opinion: Why do some straight people automatically assume a gay person fancies them?
Gay people aren’t sexual predators ready to pounce on unsuspecting straight friends and colleagues… so calm down.
Opinion: When is the right time to tell a child that you're gay?
Should adults be open with children, as much as is age appropriate, or should they try to avoid questions about sexuality?
# Coming Out
Teacher receives lovely email from student after coming out during school assembly
Four years after the teacher’s announcement, the student returned to say thanks.
# courage
Australia's five-time Olympic gold medallist Ian Thorpe reveals he is gay
The swimmer said he had “wanted to come out” for some time, but didn’t feel as if he could make the admission.
# Art Attack
Artist turns homophobic tweets sent to Tom Daley into beautiful portrait
The Olympic diver endured homophobic abuse after he came out last December.
# Emerald Warriors
When you're young and want to come out, a high profile sportsperson doing the same gives you reassurance
Simon Murphy, a gay rugby player, was confused by Neil Francis’ comments last weekend.
‘I was living a lie’ – England women’s captain comes out
The Arsenal defender has revealed that she is gay and added that she won’t be going to the upcoming World Cups in Russia and Qatar.
Column: Why I’m still afraid to come out to my friends and family
I’m 28 and in a committed, loving relationship but none of my friends or family know that – because I’ve never told them I’m gay. For all the talk of social acceptability, I still fear of losing the people I love.
# Coming Out
Fear of rejection still biggest barrier to coming out for trans community
Over 2,500 people a year call the Gay Switchboard Dublin support line, which has said many LGBT people living in rural Ireland face isolation from the community.
# Pride
10 moving coming out moments to celebrate National Coming Out Day
It’s today!
Column: 'Coming out' as gay meant that, at 54, I could finally be myself
On National Coming Out Day, 68-year-old Eddie Parsons remembers growing up in an Ireland where “being gay was not an option” – and how he finally came out at the age of 54.
# stepping out
This photo is how one man came out to his Facebook friends
He wins.
# father of the year
PIC: Amazing note from a dad to his gay son
This guy deserves all the high fives you have in stock.
# Coming Out
German FA sets up group to help gay players
German Chancellor Angela Merkel told gay footballers they should have no fear of revealing their homosexuality
# Sport media
Sportswriter comes out as gay in his latest column
Boston Herald writers pens moving piece.