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growing up catholic

16 things anyone who went to a convent school will remember



1. First of all, there were Virgin Mary statues everywhere

You couldn’t swing a cat without hitting a Virgin Mary statue.

2. And there was a crucifix in every single classroom

Lest you forget for a second you were in a convent.

crucifix Flickr Flickr

3. You had to say* a prayer at the start of every class

* = mumble Ár nAthair

giphy (8) Giphy Giphy

4. Although some teachers (read: heathens) chose to skip it in favour of getting straight down to work

“Sit down, girls.”


giphy (9) Giphy Giphy

5. You couldn’t go to a convent school without leaving with a story about The Nuns™

And they were always collectively referred to as “the nuns”.

giphy (1) Giphy Giphy

6. Even after six years in the school, you still managed to spot nuns you had never seen before

“Who is that?” “Oh, that’s Sr. Immaculata. She doesn’t teach, but she still lives here.”

7. There was a graveyard on the school grounds where all the old nuns were buried…

This was strictly off-limits, of course… except for when it was frequented by girls smoking on their lunchbreak.

sm Flickr Flickr

8. You relished the days where you were taken out of class to practice hymns and readings for the upcoming school Mass

“Could all third years please go to the prayer room?”


9. Hey, the hymns were really catchy, okay?

So catchy that you still remember all the words to them despite the fact you left school 13 years ago.


giphy (2) 1980s-90sgifs / Tumblr 1980s-90sgifs / Tumblr / Tumblr

10. Half of your adolescence was spent adjusting the length of your skirt

Following a stern warning from your home economics teacher, of course.

11. The other half was spent bemoaning how unflattering your convent school uniform was

And wondering how in God’s name “Catholic schoolgirls” could be considered sexy.

giphy (3) funnycutegifs funnycutegifs

12. You dreaded Ash Wednesday with every fibre of your being

*spends half an hour in bathroom trying to make forehead look cute*

Ca3JeEoXEAAXyx9 mika / Twitter mika / Twitter / Twitter

13. But you secretly loved going to the school Mass…

Because it usually meant you had a half day.


giphy (4) Giphy Giphy

14. All of the different areas of the school were named after different saints

St. Mary’s Veranda, St. Joseph’s House, etc.

wiliams William Murphy / Flickr William Murphy / Flickr / Flickr

15. And they were all extremely cold

“Miss, can we turn on the heating?” “NEVER.”

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16. Still, though, you wouldn’t change it for the world



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