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February 2023
# anthony lowe
US cops fatally shoot double amputee fleeing from them
36-year-old Anthony Lowe abandoned his wheelchair as officers point their weapons at him after allegations he had stabbed someone.
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# George Floyd
TV show Cops axed amid racial tensions and protests
The programme had been pulled temporarily from the air in late May, but that move has now become permanent.
# police problems
Spanish police getting stoned from having too much weed in their stations
The problem is arising at rural stations that are responsible for stretches of farmland where marijuana is seized.
# America
Parents sue after video shows eight-year-old special needs students being handcuffed
“You can do what we’ve asked you to, or you can suffer the consequences.”
# Police Brutality
Video of Chicago cop opening fire on a car full of unarmed black teens is "disturbing on a whole new level"
None of them had a weapon or acted aggressively toward the officers, according to the complaint.
# you're nicked mate
Wanted man nabbed by gardaí after he turned up to fix their heating
The 21-year-old repair-man was recognised before he’d even started work at Ballyfermot Garda Station. A bag of cannabis was also found in his car.
# tell me lies
Mum pretends to cops to be 22-year-old daughter, says rare medical condition aged her
Also known as Benjamin Button Disease.
# at your service
Soundest police ever complete pizza delivery after driver is hurt in accident
To serve and protect the pizza.
# letting it slide
Police in Denmark let teens use their car as makeshift waterslide
You have the right to remain SOUND.
# Speedy Recovery
Is this the soundest cop ever?
A nice car seems to go a long way.
# rootube
WATCH: US cops in multi-car chase with baby kangaroo
It was a dramatic low-speed pursuit.
# michael bay leaf
Russian cop creates explosion with a pile of leaves
Baby, you light up my leaves like nobody else.
# dumb and dumber
11 criminals who are far too stupid for their chosen career
You won’t believe these guys.
# rally cop
WATCH: Cop borrows kid's bike for a quick 360
The man’s got skills.
# woop woop
Police officers get down to 'Sound Of Da Police'
Woop woop, that’s the sound of the police.
# Cops
This is Pat Rollins, the police officer who gave Rory McIlroy a lift and helped Europe win the Ryder Cup
“We did the right thing and we would have done it for either team,” says the man who rushed Rory to Medinah.
# Cops
In photos: BMW unveils new... police car range
Range includes vehicle with “an armouring that is not even visible to the most practiced eye”.
# America
5 ex-police officers sentenced for killing civilians after Hurricane Katrina
The former New Orleans police officers were given prison terms ranging from 6 to 65 years for shooting dead unarmed residents on a bridge after Katrina.
# Clocking up bills
UK police spent €42,000... on checking the time
Officers in London ran up the huge bill calling the speaking clock – as well as €240,000 on directory enquiries.