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Police in Denmark let teens use their car as makeshift waterslide
You have the right to remain SOUND.

THE DANISH POLICE are officially a sound bunch. Usually when police are ‘caught on camera’ it’s showing something sinister. But, not in Copenhagen.

A tourist took footage of police setting up a makeshift water slide for teens at at Amager Beach. They went as far as positioning it for optimal sliding, with one cop standing on hand to give them a helping hand.

Eduardo Flyaway / YouTube

Police spokesperson Thomas Kristensen told DR Nyheder

Police officers are ordinary people, and if it helps them have a good relationship with the kids, it’s all good.

It comes in the wake of the Danish police being general bad-asses at a youth skate-park, posting a photo Facebook of one of the force grinding crime to a halt.

sA6Wm Imgur Imgur

It’s looking to be a sunny bank holiday. Your move, @GardaTraffic.

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