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11 criminals who are far too stupid for their chosen career

You won’t believe these guys.

EARLIER TODAY, YOU may have read about the man who was arrested after he accidentally texted a police office about an upcoming drug deal.

Not the smartest move, it has to be said.

The thing is, he is not the first criminal to find himself in jail as a result of his own stupidity.

Here are 11 criminals who are far too stupid for their chosen career.

The guy who robbed a woman, then asked her out on a date

Source: oakwoodNS

The guy who pocket-dialled 911 while robbing a house

o-DOUGLAS-WOLAVER-facebook Source: Shelby County Sheriff's Office

Douglas Wolaver was robbing a house in Ohio when his phone dialled 911 without his knowledge.

The 911 operator traced the call and dispatched emergency services to the address, who found him there mid-crime.

The guy who left his Facebook logged into the internet café he was robbing

Like Oops! Source: angermann

Two customers in an internet café in Cali, Columbia decided that they didn’t want to pay for their time spent using computers, but instead wanted to rob the place.

They made off with some money, but were soon tracked down because one of them had left his Facebook account logged in.


The robbers who called ahead to tell the bank to have the money ready


Albert Bailey and his 16-year-old accomplice decided to rob the People’s United Bank in Bridgeport, Connecticut in 2010.  In an attempt to make it an efficient operation they rang ahead and asked them to prepare the cash.

When they arrived, they found a bag full of cash, as requested, but they were intercepted by police before they could get away.

This guy who robbed a football jersey and then wore it to his court date

Source: Coolins335

The guys who coloured their faces with marker instead of wearing masks


Matthew McNelly and Joey Miller tried to break into an apartment in Iowa in 2009, but obviously didn’t anyone to recognise them as they did it.

Rather than forking out for some masks or balaclavas, they simply coloured their faces in with marker.

It seems like a flawless plan, but alas, they were discovered later on that evening when the car they were travelling in was recognised from the scene of the crime.

The customer who handed a waitress her own stolen driver’s license

Source: USAnewz

The girl who posted a YouTube video of herself boasting about robbing a bank

Source: CNN

The guy who tried to eat his underwear to beat a breathalyzer test


He thought the cotton fabric would absorb the booze.  FACEPALM.

The man who tripped and stabbed himself with the knives he was stealing

Meijer in Mansfield (Ontario), Ohio Source: Fan of Retail

A man in Michigan was attempting to steal some hunting knives by hiding them in his trousers when the Meijer shop staff became suspicious.

When confronted, he tried to flee the shop but tripped, stabbing himself in the process.

The wounds were not life-threatening.

 And, of course, this guy

Source: reddingnews

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