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For everyone who does not get the fuss about Creme Eggs, at *all*

We will not go with the goo.

10516730_10152512777540079_4531390552854407022_n Source: Facebook/Cadbury Creme Egg

EVERY EASTER, THE frenzy over Creme Eggs begins anew. There’s almost a competition to find the maddest way to eat them: In toasties, on donuts, blended up into milkshakes.

But what if you’re anti-Creme Egg? What if you just don’t get the hype? We may not be very vocal, but we’re out there. There are dozens of us. Dozens!

We just don’t know how people manage to eat a whole one

@cadburyuk #cremeeggs for #breakfast well it is #Easter #chocolate #egg #naughtiness

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How do you get through it without needing to take a few hours’ break? Or is feeling sick part of the fun?

The idea of a chocolate egg with a sweet filling is good at its core, but the goo is bad

Favourite thing this week #chocolate #caramelegg #cadbury #yummy

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It’s time to accept it: The goo is not good. I feel qualified to speak on this as I have a very sweet tooth. I will eat an entire bag of marshmallows in one sitting, but I can’t get through a Creme Egg.

The caramel egg, on the other hand, is how it should be done. But somehow they don’t get the recognition their gooey brethren do.

You might as well just tip a bag of sugar in your mouth and leave it at that

SONY DSC It's so congealed! AGGHH! Source: Wikimedia

It’s the same experience! Maybe you like that experience. But still.

Then they went and put them in the Heroes tin, so you can’t even escape them at Christmas

Know your bloody place, Creme Eggs.

So you can have your rotten-looking Creme Eggs creations

Creme Egg ice cream-filled chocolate chip hot cross buns with a melted Creme Egg on top. Help.

We’ll be over here not making ourselves sick

Lunch 😂 #Easter #chocolate #minieggs #delicious #yummy

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A wee bag of Mini Eggs (the superior egg) now will do us just fine. No white goo. Ever.

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