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French music duo Daft Punk announce split
The producers are among the most influential musical acts of the past 30 years.
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A 25-second handshake, military parades and Daft Punk: Donald Trump enjoyed Bastille Day today
French President Emmanuel Macron said that Trump’s presence was “the sign of a friendship across the ages”.
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The heavyweight title is on the line but an MMA debutant is the talk of UFC 203
Phil Brooks will, at the age of 37, compete in mixed martial arts for the first time on the sport’s biggest stage.
# the game starts here
French doubts could inspire Les Bleus, according to Wesley Fofana's cool new ad
Richie McCaw is also putting on his headphones to crush some Union Jack-emblazoned cars.
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Just a little bird dancing to some Daft Punk
That’s all. Very casual.
Celebrating Conor McGregor and lamenting dodgy cover versions? It’s the week in comments
What links Brian O’Driscoll, Linda Martin and Daft Punk? They all feature in this article.
# Sochi 2014
Awkward Russian police choir sings Get Lucky at Sochi opening ceremony
And it’s incredible. Here are some GIFs.
# Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift thought she had won the big Grammy, but she hadn't
And there’s a video. A heart-wrenching video.
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Here's the proof that Daft Punk's Get Lucky owned 2013
It’s the song of the year without question.
# rob a mexican monkey
How many of these misheard song lyics did you notice this year?
What do you mean, Daft Punk weren’t singing about Mexican monkeys?
# daft punk
Russian police choir covers Get Lucky
And it’s AMAZING. There are special effects.
# world of celebs
The Dredge: Whose marriage was ruined by granny knickers?
Plus all the rest of the day’s celebrity filth.
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We're up all night to Get Lucky... with Daft Punk condoms
This was inevitable really.
Hilarious Dublin taxi driver dances to Get Lucky
Taxi driver shows off his dance moves on Dublin’s streets.
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Barack Obama reminds us why we still love Get Lucky
He’s up all night to get some apparently.
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Here's what Daft Punk look like without their helmets
# world of celebs
The Dredge: Still reeling from Linda Martin's Get Lucky? Us too
All the best of the day’s celeb FILTH!
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WATCH: Linda Martin's stunning performance of Get Lucky
It’s…really something.
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Daft Punk set new Spotify record for most streams in a week
The French electronic duo have taken Mumford & Sons’ crown for the most-streamed album in its debut week.
# up all night to get dion
Just when you thought you were sick of Daft Punk's Get Lucky THIS happens..
Quite possibly the best use for this song ever.
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STOP EVERYTHING! Daft Punk's Get Lucky has been remixed with The Angelus
We’re up all night to get holy.
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Galway Arts Festival: What to see/hear/watch
Heading west? Here’s part two of’s video clip guide to the picks of the Galway Arts Fest…