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Brent's Back

6 reasons why David Brent is every boss you've ever had

Brent’s back… as all your favourite bosses rolled into one!


Be subtle now.

Is your boss doing or saying something that reminds of why you loved The Office’s David Brent so much? Hands up if…

Your boss has danced like this at the Christmas party

Well, maybe they didn’t quite dance this amazingly because, let’s face it, if they can bust moves like this then they’re completely wasted in your office.


Your boss has told you a cringey personal story like this

You can think of at least one story about an awkward blind date or social encounter that you’d rather not have heard. You can never unhear it now.


Your boss has explained to you why they are actually rock ‘n’ roll

In at least one of your jobs your boss has gone to great lengths to point out that they are more than just the suit you see before you. They live life in the fast lane.


Your boss has rocked a new ‘cooler’ look

While proclaiming that he/she is ‘down with the kids’ your boss has walked in wearing clothes that are far too young for them and, worse still, asked for your opinion on their new look.

You’ve probably answered with a question, like ‘Do you like it?’ or ‘Where did you get it?’. Safest option.


Your boss has talked in riddles or clichés

How many times has your boss used a classic workplace phrase like ‘thinking outside the box’ or ‘going forward’? You’re not judging. You’ve actually probably done it yourself in the last office meeting you went to.


Your boss has an office motto

Has your boss ever used the phrase ‘That’s how we roll around here’ or created their very own catchphrase as a motivational office motto? Do you now live by the motto?

YouTube/Andy Ryan

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