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Ditch the diet: 'Your plan for 2018 should be not to make grand plans'
Concentrate on making small steps and you are less likely to become overwhelmed and throw in the towel, writes nutritionist Ciara Wright.
12 things you'll understand if you're a reformed gym phobe
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"I'm still falling, still hating myself, still regretting that I let it all come to this"
Jessica Spencer talks about her struggles with her body and the pressure to be thin
Sick of dieting? New study finds low-fat food might not actually help you lose weight
Reduced-fat diets are no more effective than higher-fat diets in reducing weight, a new study has found.
Everyone's talking about how 'teatox' makes you poo like crazy
“I’ve never farted so much in my life.”
This Geordie Shore star's diet book advises people to eat 800 calories a day
Unsurprisingly, no one is impressed.
Open Thread: What are your experiences of dieting and health kicks?
Share your thoughts.
Opinion: As January drew to a close, so did hundreds of New Year’s diets
My modest goal for this year is to get a body like Cristiano Ronaldo… but January’s good intentions seem a long way off.
Opinion: My tips for feeling healthy and happy this winter
Last winter I got sick and I couldn’t shake it off without a trip to the doctors. In hindsight, it’s very obvious why – I wasn’t really taking great care of myself.
15 thoughts everyone on a diet has at lunchtime
Office lunchtime is the undisputed enemy of the dieter.
Column: Cut the 'fat talk' in front of kids
Discussing diets and weight loss resolutions may seem normal during January, but remember that impressionable young minds are taking it all in, writes Laura Larkin.
8 signs the diet starts TOMORROW
No, seriously. Ah sure go on, another Pringle then.
Irish Heart Foundation warns public over 'quick-fix' diets
Those hoping to lose weight have been warned about over-the-counter meal replacement products, with experts saying that a slow approach is the only way to lose weight successfully and keep it off.
Dieticians revise calorie calculations: it's now twice as tough to lose weight
US scientists say the previous formula – where cutting 500 calories a day meant losing 1lb a week – was too generous.
Singer Jessie J says she wants to gain more weight in 2012
The British singer says her goal for 2012 is to gain more weight.
Touré back in training as City target Swansea
The FA ban preventing him from taking part in “football-related activities” may not yet have expired, but Kolo Toure has been given special dispensation to return to training with Manchester City.
M&S indulge in a touch of yo-yo advertising
Caroline Quentin, face of Marks and Spencer food, was selling us pork belly and cheesy dips over Christmas: New ad now has her pushing weight-loss products.
Lose two stone in 10 weeks: just eat sweets
An American nutrition professor eats nothing but ‘Twinkie’ bars for 10 weeks – and loses 27 pounds.
Junkfood diet could lead to weight loss, says professor
Big Macs all round! A professor loses half a stone in four days by pigging out.
Is it really that easy? Drinking water before meals helps you lose weight
Drinking water makes you feel full quicker – and apparently helps dieters shed the pounds.