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8 signs the diet starts TOMORROW

No, seriously. Ah sure go on, another Pringle then.

NO, REALLY. IT definitely starts tomorrow.

Um, or maybe the next day, not sure yet, got quite a lot of food to get through here.

You’re surrounded by an ocean of empty packets

Every time you shift position on the couch, you dislodge another raft of empty crisp packets.

Source: everydaylife

You’ve raised your junk standards

There’s so much delicious loot in the house that you’ve become de-sensitised to it. At a normal time of the year, you’d be happy with a packet of Tayto. Delighted in fact. Now it’s fancy crisps, Pringles or nothing.

Face it, pal. You’re spoiled.

Source: The Meta Picture

Your Christmas clothes are beginning to pinch

And you only got them a week ago.

Source: Smosh

You’ve just refused a Quality Street or Rose

Unthinkable at any other time of year. It MUST be the festive season. You’ve just REFUSED a sweet.

Source: Andrew W. Rennie

The thought of turkey makes you feel ill

No more.

Source: The Meta Picture

You’ve lost all concept of meal times

Chocolate for breakfast? AND JUST WHO THE HELL IS GOING TO STOP ME?

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Your last 10 updates on social media are all about food

Pictures, statuses, tweets… #Food, #food, #food.

Source: Twitter

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