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15 thoughts everyone on a diet has at lunchtime

Office lunchtime is the undisputed enemy of the dieter.

STICKING TO YOUR diet is easier away from the temptations of the office. Here, people are eating delicious-looking sandwiches and allowing the scent of their leftover takeaway to waft in your direction.

It’s just not fair.

1pm: I’ve got my salad that I made last night, I am just so organised.

4700359687_b072ce8bee_b Source: Flickr/stripeybaz

1:02pm: This is nice! I have the few croutons, some vinaigrette…nice.

5249.69-tumblr_kze25rtDkb1qa4by8o1_1280 Source: The-rivalry

*feels sad*

1:08pm: There’s a gang over there talking about getting burritos. Notions.

1:10pm: Wait – that new burrito place is doing FREE FOOD all day? Of course it is.

tumblr_miuj1glo4l1s1tuilo1_500 Source: Tumblr

1:12pm: …Maybe I’ll treat myself, you’re allowed have some treats, right?

1:15pm: No. I must stay on course. The course to the new me, who is not tempted by such things.

But free food…

giphy Source: Giphy

1:16pm: *waste 10 minutes dithering*

1:26pm: I’ll eat this salad. I love salad. Salad salad salad. *smug face*

giphy Source: Giphy

1:30pm: I see Mark got himself a chicken fillet roll. Well for him.

filletroll3-630x472 Source: Flickr/stevendamron

1:32pm: *thinks about beige food*

tumblr_mfpw8fJPuS1qefsxto1_500 Source: Tumblr

1:36pm: I’d love a bit of bread.

bread Source: Flickr/Barron

1:40pm: *eats all croutons in salad*

croutons Source: Flickr/lithoglyphic

*feels sad again*

1:44pm: I want a free burrito.


Now it’s too late.

1:48pm: They’ll all regret those burritos later on. Yeah. Mark my words.

1:50pm: *angrily eats rest of salad*

giphy Source: Giphy

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