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Leinster without 'dinosaur' Sexton but Racing set for huge test
The French side hope to bring their high-speed game to bear in Le Havre.
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# Discovery
Perfectly preserved dinosaur embryo was preparing to hatch like a bird
The fossil was discovered in Ganzhou, southern China and belonged to a toothless theropod dinosaur.
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Scientists in Chile find fossils of new dinosaur species with unique slashing tail
The new dinosaur species had seven pairs of “blades” laid out sideways like a slicing weapon.
# Gobi Desert
Researchers discover species of toothless, two-fingered dinosaur
Multiple complete skeletons of the new species, named Oksoko avarsan, were unearthed in Mongolia by a University of Edinburgh-led team.
# Quiz
Quiz: How well do you know your dinosaurs?
Do you know your cretaceous from your jurassic?
# quite a find
'A pretty big find': Colorado construction crew uncovers 66-million-year-old triceratops skeleton
The good quality of the skeleton might help answer questions that have been puzzling archaeologists.
# they do move in herds
For the first time ever, a dinosaur tail has been found encased in amber
The tail is covered in feathers.
Paleontologists uncover new species of dinosaur in Australia
Some experts believe the 45-foot-long herbivore trekked across Antarctica some 105 million years ago.
# Take a Break
Watch David Attenborough meet the biggest animal ever to walk on Earth
The Titanosaur weighed 70 tonnes and was 40 metres long.
# pope-o-shop
This unfortunate photo of the Pope sparked a hilarious Photoshop battle
AKA ‘Dilophosaurus Pope’.
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Clarkson 'called Top Gear producer lazy Irish and punched him'
The Top Gear presenter could be about to quit the BBC.
# plant-eating dino
Another new species of dinosaur has been discovered
This time in Tanzania.
# megasurus
New dinosaur species bigger than T-rex and heavier than seven elephants
Pieces of the dinosaur were first discovered in 2005 but it has only recently been named in a study of its bones released yesterday.
# dino drama
Couple caught on camera stealing a model dinosaur from a museum
Why, people? Why?
# dem bones
Suspects who stole baby dinosaur from a museum hand themselves in
Doyouthinktheysaurus? Yes. Yes they did.
# en-raptored
You can finally have the pet dinosaur you've always wanted*
*OK, it’s a robot toy. But it’s still VERY cool.
# rawr
Newly-discovered dinosaur was the T Rex of its day*
*Some 80 million years before the T Rex actually showed up.
# hold on to your butts
What if all the raptors in Jurassic Park were cute kittens?
Find out in here.
# going going gone
A real (not live) dinosaur is being sold in the UK today
The 17 metre Diplodocus skeleton named ‘Misty’ is expected to sell at auction for €720,000.
# misty
You can now buy a dinosaur for €710,000
The huge skeleton was found by two young boys.
# Dinosaur
US to seize dinosaur skeleton and return it to Mongolia
A federal judge has authorised the US Department of Security to seize a dinosaur out of storage so that it can return it to Mongolia.
# Week in Photos
The week in photos
This is the week that was, in pictures
# Dinosaur Discovery
Meet the world's newest dinosaur - just 230 million years old
A team in Argentina says it’s discovered a distant relative of the Tyrannosaurus – but about 4 feet in height.
# Fossil
15-horned dinosaur discovered in Utah
The remains of the most unique horn-headed dinosaur ever known have been uncovered in modern-day Utah.