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This unfortunate photo of the Pope sparked a hilarious Photoshop battle

AKA ‘Dilophosaurus Pope’.

AS POPE FRANCIS gave a speech in front of Philadelphia’s Independence Hall on Saturday as part of his US tour… this happened.

Source: Associated Press

Onlookers were quick to explain the phenomenon.

Identify its species.

And account for its natural origins.

Source: @getyerrgoin

Source: Imgur

It wasn’t long before the first Photoshops arrived.

Source: @lewisheywood

It hit the r/photoshopbattles subreddit, and then things started to really heat up

Source: cam_add

Like, really

Source: funny_lookin_stain

There were UFOs

Source: meridor

There were Marilyns

Source: DPblue

There were Catholicism gags

Source: Fractal_Rock

And then things got REALLY weird.

Source: Imgur

Basically, it was the best moment of the Pope’s tour so far.

And this is pretty normal for him.

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