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So, remember DJ Spiral? He's released a new single...

Seven years after his Big Brother appearance… he’s back.

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YOU MAY REMEMBER DJ Spiral. The young, striving Finglas rapper and DJ who went international with an appearance on Big Brother 7 in 2006.

Well, the man who cooked up the chorus

I’m Spiral, I mean what I say / I’m Spiral, writing rhymes every day

has got a new club banger. Yes, a new single after seven years.

Do you want to hear it? Well, you are IN LUCK. Presenting Working Me Out:


It’s a bit of a change since he was rapping about “heading down to Blanch/getting chased by Special Branch”, frankly.

As a reminder of those days, here’s his immortal interview with Dermot O’Leary after leaving the house:


And here’s his breakout single, Finglas:


God be with the days, eh?

h/t Ann Marie Duffin

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