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Drake just Instagrammed this Irish illustrator's sketch to his 14 million followers

But he didn’t even give her a shout out.

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EARLIER THIS AFTERNOON, Drake Instagrammed a rather lovely drawing of himself dancing – inspired by his now famous Hotline Bling video routine.

It didn’t mention where it was from, but the photo amassed 120,000 likes in less than an hour and Instagram fell in love with it.

The excellent sketch in question actually belongs to the Dublin-based animator/illustrator Dee McDonnell, who just happened to be online when she saw that Drake had uploaded her very own work:

Dee had put it up on Instagram just an hour before it was uploaded Drake’s account.

Speaking to, Dee says that the whole thing is pretty surreal – what with Drake having 14 million followers and all:

Yeah it’s gas! Annoying I wasn’t credited but it’s also very cool.

Drake must have spotted the drawing in amongst the #hotlinebling and #drake hashtags and was suitably impressed. Dee says that even though she isn’t tagged in the main post, people in the comments have been fighting the good fight for some credit:

There’s been loads of randomers tagging me with credit in the comments though so that’s really nice!

People even threw Drake’s own lyrics back in his face

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Of course, the Hotline Bling video that Drake released yesterday has been the talk of the internet – mostly because of Drizzy’s unique dance moves. Dee knew she had to cover it:

Yeah I am obsessed with the video, I had to draw something from it.

The numbers are pretty amazing even at this early stage

But the real silver lining of all this is

Not a bad fan to have – but next time he might give her a mention.

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