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How battle-scarred is your phone?
Take the phone-drop test to find out…


DROPPING YOUR PHONE is something that happens to everyone. But some of us are pro-level phone droppers, and some of us are mere rookies.

So is your trusty communicator a wide-eyed novice, or a grizzled old warhorse? Take our test to find out…

How many of these places have you taken your handset for a spin?

1. In your dinner

2. In the toilet

3. In an alcoholic drink

4. In sick

5. On your own face

(Bonus points for a tablet.)

6. On your future life partner

7. Into a miracle escape from certain doom

OK? Tot up your score, and rank yourself according to this handy chart.

1-2: ROOKIE: Your phone is missing out on vital life experience. You should probably loosen up a little and let it live. Maybe send a few texts while carrying out vital bodily functions, and see how it goes.

3-4: NOVICE: Heyyy! Your phone is like a teenager – it’s seen a few things, but still has plenty to learn. Try making some calls while leaning over balconies.

5-6: VETERAN: Your phone’s a survivor. It’s taken some hard knocks, and it’s got some stories. Hold on to it – a good buddy is worth a lot.

7: OH DEAR: You should probably reconsider owning a phone. And maybe some other life decisions too.

Got any good phone-dropping stories? Leave ‘em right here in the comments…

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