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Here's the 'drunk leprechaun' app that's making Irish people furious

Meet Shamus McDerp, who has an alcohol problem.

Source: Google Play store


He is the drunk leprechaun who stars in a US-made Android app that is enraging Irish people.

Called St Patrick’s Day: Leprechaun Drunkard, the game invites players to “celebrate your inner Irishman” by helping the booze-addled leprechaun stay awake at the bar:

The world’s drunkest leprechaun needs your help to stay upright. He drank too much booze! Tilt your phone to keep this beer loving leprechaun from falling!

This is how you know you’ve let “your inner Irishman” down:

Source: Google Play Store

However, the game has sparked an angry reaction since Irish Central published a scathing opinion piece about it yesterday. Patrick Roberts wrote:

Imagine an app that depicted a greedy Jew stealing money from a group of children for Yom Kippur. Or an African American eating watermelon while he robbed a grocery store for Martin Luther King Day [...] Outrageous right? Then why is it so okay to feature the Leprechaun Drunkard in the app displayed above?

Irish people and Irish-Americans are now taking to the Facebook page of the game’s developer Ye Olde Cat to express their feelings:

And the very direct:

One poster, who described herself as an Irish-American who leads tour groups to Ireland, linked the app to previous controversial Irish-related products, like this t-shirt sold by Urban Outfitters in the US:

The shirt was criticised by Dublin city councillor and former Lord Mayor of Dublin Naoise Ó Muirí, who said at the time:

While we as a society have to acknowledge that we have our demons to confront regarding our relationship with alcohol, this clichéd depiction of the Irish on an international stage is very damaging to us.

He said this was especially important in the run-up to St Patrick’s Day, when “all eyes will be on Ireland”.

To add insult to injury, the Leprechaun Drunkard app’s Google Play store page describes the holiday as “St Patty’s Day”.

Source: Yeoldecat

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