The tiny hare rescued in Dublin Airport during the snow is being well looked after

Little Emma Sneachta is a very lucky hare.

DUBLIN AIRPORT STAFF certainly had their work cut out for them over the past few days.

None of us will be forgetting this footage of Storm Emma in full blast any time soon.

With the airport fully functional again, staff are still working around the clock to keep everything moving.

But they still took some time to help out a little furry friend in need yesterday.

The airport posted the video of the tiny hare to their Facebook page, explaining that she had been found by a member of staff and was taken home to be cared for by their family.

People couldn’t deal with the poor little creature covered in snow, with commenters adding ‘ah bless look at the way she came running over to him, well done guys’.

Poor wee thing, obviously knew she was in grave danger and came running.
Love seeing these rescues, well done to that Airport Police Officer! Compassion for animals goes a long way!

An update today explains that the hare has been named Emma Sneachta and is being well looked after.

They plan on releasing her to the wild once she’s back to full health.

But for now, she’s content looking super cosy and cute

Well done to all involved.


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